geology (mine 7041)

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Week 1 Lecture: Earth Evolution
What are the two main sub categor...,
What are two main reasons for stu...,
According to certain scientists w...
6  cards
Week 1 Lecture: Intro to Terranes
How does land mass accumulate,
What is a subduction zone and how...,
What is a terrane
5  cards
Week 1 Course Notes: Section 1.0 - 2.0
Explain the unifying principle of...,
What is the principle of plate te...,
What two supercontinents were pro...
17  cards
Week 2 Lecture: Rocks
List the steps in the rock cycle,
List the three forms of sedimenta...,
What are clastic sedimentary rocks
53  cards
Week 2 Course Notes: Section 4.0
What is it meant by the compositi...,
How is pillow lava formed,
Differentiate weathering and erosion
17  cards
Week 3 Lecture: Minerals
What is a mineral,
What are two environments in whic...,
What are the 6 crystal systems of...
18  cards
Week 3 Course Notes: Section 3.0
0  cards
Week 4 Lecture: Structure
What are the three processes of d...,
What process of deformation cause...,
What does tension do to the crust...
55  cards
Week 5 Lecture: Earthquakes
List the components pf an earthqu...,
Where are the epicenter and focus...,
What kind of fault is the san and...
32  cards
Week 6 Lecture: Age Dating
What are the forms of age dating,
What geologic time period are we in,
What are isotopes
30  cards
Week 7: Mass Wasting
What is mass wasting,
What are common triggering mechan...,
What are the three principle fact...
24  cards
Week 8: Rivers
What is a stream,
What is a river,
What is a channel
42  cards
Week 9: Groundwater
What percentage of the world s fr...,
How is groundwater formed,
What are aquifers
24  cards
Week 9 Lecture: Glaciers
What is a glacier,
What are the two categories of gl...,
What is the difference between an...
41  cards
Week 10: Shorelines
What are the two types of coastline,
The balance between sediment ____...
9  cards
Week 11: Permafrost
What is permafrost,
What has happened with permafrost...,
What is the double effect of perm...
14  cards
Week 11: Photo Interpretation
What is photogammetry,
What are aerial photos used for,
What is a large scale photo
7  cards
Week 12: Energy & Mineral Resources
What are mineral resources,
What are ore reserves,
What are fossil fuels
38  cards

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