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Gut intro
Describe how gut is modified for ...,
Describe alimentary canal structure,
Parts of large intestine in order
23  cards
Peritoneal Cavity
Boundaries of abdominal cavity,
Structures that perforate diaphragm,
Deep structures of abdominal cavity
14  cards
Abdominal Muscles
Layers of abdominal wall,
Structures of all anterolateral m...,
3 anterolateral muscles
13  cards
Layers of the gut
What sort of surface is the gut,
4 layers of gut,
Mucosa layer made from
12  cards
Epithelia of gut
Epithelia types in gut,
Why is stratified squamous non ke...,
Stomach epithelia
21  cards
Control of gut nerves
Two parts of control of gut via n...,
Nerve pathway of autonomic nerves,
What do all preganglionic fibres ...
21  cards
Control of gut hormones
Journey of hormones,
14  cards
What is a hernia,
Signs symptoms of non stuck hernia,
Signs symptoms of stuck hernia
56  cards
Visceral pain
What does visceral pain result from,
Characteristics of visceral pain,
What symptoms often accompany vis...
8  cards
Embryology - Gut development
Parts of the trilaminar disc,
3 parts of the mesoderm,
2 parts of the lateral plate meso...
41  cards
Swallowing and salivation
What is saliva composed of,
Where is lingual lipase and amyla...,
What is bicarbonate for in saliva
40  cards
Embryology - midgut development
Normal midgut layout,
How does the midgut start to deve...,
What is the axis for the developi...
25  cards
Embryology - hindgut development
Hindgut parts,
What is the cloaca,
What is the allantois part of the...
23  cards
What are the 4 functions of the s...,
What is chyme,
What is the superior part of the ...
52  cards
GI disease
What is dyspepsia,
What is gastro oesophageal reflux...,
Symptoms of gord
72  cards
Coeliac trunk
What level does the coeliac trunk...,
Where does the coeliac trunk orig...,
3 major branches of coeliac trunk
19  cards
Blood supply to midgut and hindgut (+ a bit of liver)
Blood supply to midgut,
Blood supply to hindgut,
Where do both these vessels origi...
30  cards
Pancreas and Liver
What are the characteristics of c...,
How to solve these characteristic...,
Why is chyme hypertonic
67  cards
Absorption and Digestion
Which carbohydrates can be reabso...,
How is glucose absorbed,
What happens to carbohydrates of ...
54  cards
Liver pathology
3 main functions of liver,
Storage function of liver,
Synthetic functions of liver
41  cards
Liver pathology part 2
What is the portal circulation,
Systemic veins vs portal circulation,
3 main veins contributing forming...
48  cards
What is jaundice,
What produces billirubin,
How does bilirubin travel in the ...
20  cards
Liver function tests
What things are measured in liver...,
Reasons indications for lft,
Albumin what does it show
23  cards
Distal GI tract pathology - Diarrhoea and Constipation
What is diarrhoea,
Pathophysiology of diarrhoea,
What is responsible for causing d...
27  cards
Distal GI tract pathology - Appendicitis and Diverticulitis
What is appendicitis,
What is the appendix,
Structure of appendix vs rest of ...
30  cards
Distal GI tract pathology - Rectum and Anal canal
Length of rectum,
Structure of rectum,
Shape of rectum
42  cards
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
What effect does cholecystokinin ...,
What is cck stimulated by,
What releases cck
56  cards
GI malignancy
Where do cancers occur along gi t...,
What is a carcinoma,
What is an adenocarcinoma
76  cards
GI emergencies
Whats peritonitis,
Two types of peritonitis,
Peritoneal cavity
84  cards
GI infections - gastroenteritis bacterial and viral
Types of toxins that can enter gut,
How does commensal bacteria affec...,
Gi defences
113  cards
Imaging GI tract
How can bowel perforation be iden...,
When are x rays used for abdomen,
Way to interpret abdo x ray
25  cards
Anatomy revision session
What are the 9 areas quadrants,
What forms the 4 quadrants of the...,
What lines form the 9 regions of ...
20  cards

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