global mental health

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Global Mental Health: Scope and limitations
What is the consequence of the la...,
What is the recognition of mental...,
What is the principle of equity b...
47  cards
What makes global mental health m...,
What are the 3 roles of epidemiol...,
Who was john snow
74  cards
Social science
How is medical anthropology assoc...,
What does medical anthropology ex...,
Who was evans pritchard
59  cards
Poverty and mental health: social causation or social drift
What is the recognition of the li...,
What is the association between p...,
What is the problem with most stu...
23  cards
Men, women and mental health
What is gender according to the w...,
How is gender linked to mental he...,
What is the consequence of the ef...
32  cards
Children and adolescents
Why is mental health in childhood...,
What is the prevalence of mental ...,
Which disorders are typically fou...
39  cards
The global burden of disease
Where was global health founded,
What does global mental health re...,
What is the central aim of global...
55  cards
Ageing populations and mental health
What characterises the increase i...,
What is the contributions of deve...,
What is observed in the speed of ...
40  cards
Culture and measurement
What does the evidence suggest on...,
How are illnesses of the spirit m...,
What does the phenomenology of me...
51  cards
Health systems
What is a good health system acco...,
What are the three requirements t...,
What is the state of health syste...
32  cards
What is task shifting,
What is task sharing,
What is the predominant benefit o...
35  cards
Psychological interventions
What is the predominance of psych...,
Who first developed structured ps...,
What was developed in the 18th ce...
27  cards
Service-user led research
When did the emptying of the engl...,
What was the state of psychiatric...,
What happened with the camden men...
40  cards
Human rights
What are human rights,
What is the influence of internat...,
What is the influence of national...
62  cards

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global mental health

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