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Road to Google Cloud Architect Certification
Building for builders llc manufac...,
You have developed a web applicat...,
You are setting up a cloud projec...
95  cards
Designing Compute Systems
You are consulting for a client t...,
You have just joined a startup th...,
A colleague complains that the av...
20  cards
Designing Storage Systems
You need to store a set of files ...,
You are uploading files in parall...,
As a consultant on a cloud migrat...
17  cards
Designing Networks
Your team has deployed a vpc with...,
A data warehouse service running ...,
An intern working with your team ...
15  cards
Designing for Security and Legal Compliance
A company is migrating an enterpr...,
You are tasked with managing the ...,
You are making a presentation on ...
15  cards
Designing for Reliability
As an sre you are assigned to sup...,
After determining the optimal com...,
A compliance review team is seeki...
10  cards
Analyzing and Defining Technical Processes
A team of early career software e...,
In an analysis meeting a business...,
Business decision makers have cre...
15  cards
Analyzing and Defining Business Processes
You have been asked to help with ...,
A junior engineer asks you to exp...,
An architect writes a post for an...
15  cards
Development and Operations
A team of developers is tasked wi...,
A team of developers is tasked wi...,
A team of developers is tasked wi...
15  cards
Migration Planning
Your midsize company has decided ...,
You are working with a colleague ...,
As the cto of your company you ar...
15  cards
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals - Core Infrastructure
Which kind of egress are charged ...
1  cards
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine - Foundations
What are the kubernetes controlle...,
What is a replica set,
What are deployments
7  cards

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