h2 biology

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What molecules are grouped under ...,
What are the characteristics of l...,
What three types of lipids are th...
37  cards
What elements are carbohydrates c...,
What are the functional groups of...,
How are carbohydrates classified ...
43  cards
What elements make up proteins,
What are proteins type of molecul...,
What is the difference between a ...
42  cards
Define enzymes,
What are the properties of enzymes,
Describe the structure of enzymes...
30  cards
Cell Structure & Function
What are the three tenets of cell...,
What is the main difference betwe...,
What are the five functions a cel...
30  cards
Cell Membrane & Transport Across Membrane
What are the five functions of bi...,
What is the fluid mosaic model of...,
What are the characteristics of t...
36  cards
DNA Structure & Replication
What characteristic properties mu...,
What seven sources prove that dna...,
What are nucleotides and what are...
27  cards
Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Why must rna be used for protein ...,
What are the similarities between...,
Compare the differences between r...
43  cards
Organisation of Eukaryotic Genome
Define genomes,
What does the locus of a chromoso...,
What does a complete eukaryotic g...
36  cards
Control of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
What is the purpose of regulation...,
How does the control of eukaryoti...,
What are the five different level...
26  cards
Gene and Chromosomal Mutations
What are the two types of cells i...,
What are gene point mutations,
What are the two basic
24  cards
Molecular Techniques
What is the purpose of the polyme...,
What are the conditions required ...,
What are the five components of p...
30  cards
Cell Signalling
State the three stages of cell si...,
What does signal reception refer ...,
What is and what occurs during si...
53  cards
Cell and Nuclear Division
Spotify premium sucker hehehehehe...,
What is chromosome number and plo...,
Define homologous chromosomes in ...
33  cards
Molecular Biology of Cancer
What does cancer result from,
What do carcinoma lymphoma polyp ...,
State the eight important charact...
29  cards
Stem Cells
Define stem cells,
Define stem cells,
What are stem cells and their key...
19  cards
Genetics of Viruses
What does,
What do viruses depend on host ce...,
What is the extracellular state o...
44  cards
Genetics of Bacteria
What do all bacterial cells lack ...,
What are the features of the pept...,
Describe the cell wall of gram po...
70  cards
What are the bonds in atp and wha...,
State the three methods of phosph...,
What are photoautotrophs
43  cards
Cellular Respiration
Name and compare the two types of...,
What is decarboxylation,
What is dehydrogenation
60  cards
ETA: Infectious Diseases
Define infectious diseases,
Define host,
Define immunity
175  cards
Define genotype,
Define phenotype,
Define wild type allele
53  cards
ETB: Climate Change
Define weather,
Define climate,
Define climate change
97  cards
Biological Evolution
Define biological evolution,
Define microevolution,
Define macroevolution
89  cards

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