hchs gcse history

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GCSE USA Booklet 1
How many cars were there by 1929,
How many radios by 1929,
How much per day were ford s work...
50  cards
GCSE USA Booklet 2
What does fera stand for,
What is the first n of nanspetche...,
Give 2 aims of the new deal
62  cards
GCSE USA Booklet 3
What policy did jfk announce in 1...,
What was the name of the plan set...,
Which race riots took place in 19...
45  cards
GCSE Korea Knowledge Test
When did korea become a protector...,
Who did the koreans fight on the ...,
What declaration made korea indep...
58  cards
GCSE Vietnam Knowledge Test
What group did ho chi minh form t...,
How much money did the us provide...,
What was the name of the battle l...
68  cards
GCSE Medicine Booklet 1
What caused st anthony s disease,
What percentage of chidren in med...,
How did medieval people try to cu...
45  cards
GCSE Medicine Booklet 2
What was the name of the book pub...,
Which individual did vesalius pro...,
Which of galens ideas were proved...
47  cards
GCSE Medicine Booklet 3
What was the population size in 1...,
What did bentham believe,
What did chadwick believe
50  cards
GCSE Medicine Booklet 4
Who did st mary s hospital send t...,
What germ caused septicaemia infe...,
How did fleming discover penicill...
54  cards
GCSE Norman booklet 1
When was william the conqueror cr...,
How many housecarls were there in...,
What was the population of britai...
42  cards
GCSE Norman Booklet 2
What group of people replaced the...,
What percentage of land did king ...,
What was one condition of being a...
33  cards
GCSE Norman Booklet 3
What is celibacy,
Why were monks celibate,
What is excommunication
43  cards
Norman Book 3 csv
What is celibacy,
Why were monks celibate,
What is excommunication
43  cards

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