higher chemistry

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Covalent radii definition,
Covalent radii trend across a period,
Covalent radii trend down a group
16  cards
Bonding and Structure
Covalent bonding definition,
List of metallic elements,
List of covalent molecular diatom...
55  cards
Displacement reaction,
What is included in an ionic equa...
22  cards
What is needed for good results,
Conical flask
6  cards
Unit 2 N5 Revision
Steps for naming branched chain a...,
Isomer definition,
Questions to ask yourself when de...
17  cards
Alcohols and Oxidation of Alcohols
What are the 3 types of alcohols,
What does r mean,
Position of oh in primary alcohol
28  cards
When are esters formed,
Carboxylic acid alcohol reversibl...,
Condensation reaction
26  cards
Fats and Oils
Main use of fats and oils,
Other uses of fats and oils,
Structure of fats oils
28  cards
Soaps, Detergents and Emulsions
Process which turns fats into soaps,
What happens during saponification,
Structure of a soap
20  cards
Why do we need proteins in our diet,
Foods that are rich in protein,
What are proteins
38  cards
What are essential oils,
Properties of essential oils,
Examples of essential oils
18  cards
Skin care
What is ultraviolet radiation,
Uv a,
Uv b
24  cards
Chemical Energy
Are combustion reactions exo or e...,
Problems with exothermic reactions,
Problems with endothermic reactions
40  cards
Rates of Reaction
What is needed for a reaction to ...,
Activation energy definition,
Activated complex definition
36  cards
What does it mean by a non revers...,
Reversible reactions,
What is a closed system
30  cards
What does it mean if a reactant i...,
Why is it called a limiting reagent,
What is the mass of 1 mole
32  cards

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higher chemistry

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