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I stared at the eyes,
All childhood,
Shouting words
10  cards
The Way My Mother Speaks
The day,
Too blue,
For miles
10  cards
I give,
It is a moon,
It will blind
7  cards
War Photographer
In his,
With spools,
Which did not
7  cards
Mrs Tilscher's Class
A skittle,
The inky tadpoles,
Under the
5  cards
Mrs Midas
I d just,
He was,
But that twig
24  cards
Iago quotes
I follow,
It is thought,
She did
5  cards
Othello quotes
I know,
I prithee,
No iago
8  cards
Desdemona quotes
I do perceive,
Do not,
I think the sun
6  cards
Cassio quotes
Tis my breeding,
An inviting,
I have
4  cards
jealousy quotes
Iago is jealous of cassio s posit...,
Iago has jealousy towards othello...,
Iago plants the seeds of jealousy...
13  cards
Deception and treachery
Iago sounds genuinely concerned f...,
Othello believes iago to be compl...,
Iago has a plan to portray desdem...
7  cards
appearance and reality
Desdemona is trying to talk to ot...
1  cards
Demonstrates othello s commitment...,
Othello is convincing himself tha...,
Othello believes that desdemona i...
3  cards
They chorused,
The red,
38  cards
Act 1 Scene 1 summary
Theme jealousy,
Characterisation iago
10  cards
Act 1 Scene 1 Key Quotes
0  cards
Othello 3.3
Be thou,
Thy solicitor,
28  cards
Othello 3.4
I had,
And but my,
5  cards
Othello 3.1
I never,
She speaks
2  cards
Othello 4.1
And they,
By heaven,
Ay what
20  cards
Othello 5.2
Yet she,
Put out,
When i have
46  cards
Othello 5.1
I ll be,
I have no,
Now whether
16  cards
Introduction Essay
Character relationships,
4  cards
Appearance and Reality Essay
Character relationships,
4  cards
Othello 1.1
I take it much,
Thou told st,
I know
15  cards
Othello 1.2
To do,
Run from
4  cards
Othello 1.3
The bloody,
To fall
14  cards
Othello 2.1
The man,
Tis my,
I find
11  cards
Othello 2.2
1  cards
Othello 2.3
Iago is,
An inviting,
I have poor
16  cards
Othello 4.2
To wager,
If any wretch,
This is
14  cards
Othello 4.3
Let husbands,
Let them know
3  cards
Mrs Mida Links
5  cards

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