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Chapter 3: Why did People Come to Colonial Singapore Before World War Two?
What were the travelling conditio...,
Were the workers ie the deck pass...,
Where were some of the people tra...
12  cards
Chapter 3: Who were the People that Came to Singapore in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries?
What is a census,
What is a population census,
When did the british government f...
18  cards
Chapter 3: Mass Migration in the 19th Century
21 what is migration,
What was the consequence result o...,
What is migration migration gener...
13  cards
Chapter 3: Reasons for Mass Migration in the 19th Century
What were the three major develop...,
When did the industrial revolutio...,
What was the industrial revolution
32  cards
Chapter 3: Think like a Historian - Causation (Part 2)
Can there be more than one cause ...,
Can all events have more than one...,
Why did people migrate to singapo...
9  cards
Chapter 3: Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Push Factors
Why did people leave their homela...,
What were the causes of the poor ...,
Define overpopulation
8  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Overpopulation in Java
What was the impact of the cultiv...,
Define famine,
Define epidemic
8  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Overpopulation in China
Did china also face the problem o...,
What happened to china s populati...,
Was there sufficient farmland to ...
7  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Natural Disasters in India
Why is the monsoon season very im...,
What happens when the monsoon fai...,
What were the causes of famines i...
7  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Unrest and Instability: Wars in Java
Who were the javanese fighting wa...,
Describe the java war of 1825 to ...,
Explain the term rebellion
3  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Rebellions, Wars and Lawlessness in China
What was one of the biggest probl...,
Who ruled china in the 19th century,
Who were the manchus
7  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Clan Wars in China
What other unrests were experienc...,
What are clans,
What was one of the fiercest clan...
10  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Civil War in China
What happened to china after the ...,
What is warlordism,
What is civil war
15  cards
Chapter 3: Push Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore - Wars and Rebellions in India
Define sepoy,
What happened in india during the...,
Why did the british fight wars in...
10  cards
Chapter 3: Convict Labour in Singapore
Identify an important source in e...,
What did the convicts deployed to do,
Where the convicts from
3  cards
Chapter 3.2 - Pull Factors / Reasons for Coming to Singapore
Why did the early immigrants choo...,
Where were the people traders who...,
What were the reasons for the man...
20  cards
Chapter 3.2: British Agency Houses
What did the british set up in si...,
What are agency houses,
What did the british agency house...
10  cards
Chapter 3.2: The Straits-Born Chinese (Chinese Peranakan) Traders
Name another group of people who ...,
Give another reason why the chine...,
What was the advantage of singapo...
7  cards
Chapter 3.2: The Bugis Traders
Who else did singapore s status a...,
Name one of the earliest and most...,
What did the dutch do when they t...
7  cards
Chapter 3.2: The Arab Traders
Where were many of the arabs in s...,
Were the arabs active traders in ...,
Name two arab traders who were am...
6  cards
Chapter 3.2: Better Job Prospects - The Javanese and the Baweanese
Why were the labourers from other...,
What did the many javanese and ba...,
Why were many javanese writers an...
5  cards
Muslim Pilgrims in Singapore
Why did many people from other pa...,
What did the dutch do to try to d...,
Give reasons why it was easier fo...
6  cards

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