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Post-war consensus and domestic policies
Name the 4 features of the post w...,
Describe the domestic policies to...,
Describe the domestic policies to...
7  cards
Britain and the EEC 1970s
What encouraged heath to join the...,
Who was the new president of fran...,
Why did the conservatives disappr...
20  cards
Internal labour divisions
Why was there a split who did it ...,
Describe nye bevan,
Describe gaitskell
8  cards
Reasons for Conservatives fall from power
How had macmillans character changed,
When was the night of the long kn...,
Describe the george blake scandal
5  cards
Post-War boom
Give 3 examples of economic impro...,
What did a booming global economy...,
What did economic growth and low ...
5  cards
Balance of payments issues and 'stop-go' policies
What brought inflation,
What was difficult to persuade th...,
Why did government controls have ...
10  cards
Rising living standards
What was britains infrastructure ...,
What was done to improve the infr...,
What happened to mens weekly wage...
4  cards
The Impact of Affluence and Consumerism
What was the most obvious sign of...,
What impact did the tv have,
Describe the boom in car ownership
6  cards
Class and the Establishment
What had happened by the late 1950s,
Give 2 factors that showed a loss...,
What was the establishment
4  cards
The Profumo Affair and its impact
Why was there a loss in deference,
What happened to keeler and her f...,
What was no longer working
3  cards
The Rise of Satire
What had happened by 1960,
What happened in 1962,
What did the establishment do
4  cards
EFTA and attempts to join the EEC
When and what was the schuman plan,
What was the lefts initial view o...,
What was the rights initial view ...
12  cards
Relations with, and policies towards, USA and USSR
How did britain and usa differ fr...,
How were britain and usa close al...,
How was britains relationship wit...
4  cards
Debates over the nuclear deterrent
Why would britain have to become ...,
What did churchill continue who w...,
What did concerns over nuclear de...
9  cards
The Korean War, 1950-53
Describe the occupation of korea ...,
What did this occupation result in,
What happened in 1950 what did th...
6  cards
Suez, 1956
What was the suez canal,
Describe its vitality,
Why was colonel nasser deeply wor...
9  cards
The 'winds of change' and decolonisation.
What had already begun by 1951,
Describe the colonial independenc...,
What did british rulers think the...
8  cards
Women's equality key dates
6  cards
Attitudes towards immigrants in the 1970s
When was the immigration act pass...,
Desribe how heath made exceptions...,
Describe the amount of immigratio...
14  cards
What is meant by the term environ...,
What was the initial cause of peo...,
What was the impact of silent spr...
13  cards
'Special relationship' with the USA and attitudes to the USSR and China 1970s
Why was heath less inclined to st...,
What attempts made by henry kissi...,
What did kissinger comment after ...
15  cards
The international oil price rise 1973
What did britains entry into the ...,
What was dramatically shown in 1973,
What did the arab members of opec...
7  cards
Labour governments of Wilson and Callaghan 1970s - Industrial and economic reforms
Describe the economic situation w...,
Give 4 problems that the labour p...,
Describe wilsons attitude to the ...
16  cards
Callaghan's premiership, 1976 - 79
Describe how callaghan seemed lik...,
How had the government faced diff...,
Describe the speech that callagha...
12  cards
Labour governments of Wilson and Callaghan 1970s - Devolution
Describe the labour majority in t...,
What did the lib lab pact achieve...,
Describe the deal of the lib lab ...
13  cards
The general election of 1979 and problems in Northern Ireland
Why was callaghan s laid back app...,
What happened in march 1979,
What had dominated the media and ...
16  cards
1951-64: The position of women
What were women seen primarily as...,
How many women went to work in 1951,
When was the mass observation sur...
11  cards
1951-61: Attitudes to immigration and racial violence
What was the new commonwealth,
What did the windrush become a sy...,
What had happened by 1958
14  cards
1951-64: emergence of the teenager and changing social attitudes and tensions
Describe why young girls increasi...,
Describe why young boys increasin...,
Why were the new young generation...
13  cards
1964-70: Wilson's ideology and leadership and economic policies and problems
Why were people beginning to favo...,
Why did wilson appeal more than h...,
What was the white heat of techno...
26  cards
1964-70: Industrial relations and the trade unions
What was one of the key elements ...,
What did wilson do in 1964,
However what happened in 1966 1967
11  cards
1964-70: other domestic policies and Labour divisions
Explain why wilsons desires of mo...,
What happened in 1966,
Despite tony benn taking over as ...
9  cards
1964-70: The beginning of the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland
When had northern ireland had bee...,
What was extremely controversial ...,
Why were there disagreements over...
11  cards
1964-70: The end of the post-war consensus and the loss of the 1970 election
What signs were there that the po...,
What was the conservative partys ...,
What did the conservatives identi...
8  cards
1964-70: Liberal reforming legislation
Why were some of the permissive c...,
What is a private members bill,
What did the 1960s see backbench ...
21  cards
Improvements in mass media, leisure activities and scientific developments
Describe how television rose duri...,
What helped to lead to youth inde...,
What did rupert murdoch do in 1969
10  cards

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