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Elizabeth's background
From what years did she reign,
How log did her reign last,
When did her father break from rome
7  cards
The Royal Court
What was the royal court not conf...,
Where was it located,
Who did it consist of
7  cards
What were they,
What did progresses allow for eli...,
What did elizabeth appear as to h...
6  cards
What was patronage,
What did she give and to who,
What did patronage do for the per...
9  cards
The Privy Council
What did they do,
Give an examples of a law court t...,
Give an examples of a regional bo...
26  cards
When was parliament called by the...,
What did elizabeth regard parliam...,
What did elizabeth s first parlia...
13  cards
Years of Decline
By the 1590 s what 4 things had l...,
Name 2 examples of personal trage...,
What did elizabeth do after dudle...
6  cards
Essex's Rebellion
When was it,
Who was the earl of essex,
Who did essex frequently clash with
16  cards
Problems Facing Female Rulers
Why was there prejudice against f...,
Who s previous reign did not insp...,
How did mary put england s politi...
7  cards
The Problem of Marriage and the Succession
What incident drew attention to t...,
Who were the 3 most important pot...,
Why could elizabeth not marry dudley
7  cards
The Rise of the Gentry
Give 3 reasons for the rise of th...,
What was the gentry,
Why did the tudors marginalise th...
16  cards
Hardwick Hall
Who built hardwick hall,
From what years were hardwick hal...,
What was hardwick hall a way for ...
13  cards
Golden Age
Who were 2 famous musicians in th...,
Why was there a golden age,
How did the gentry influence the ...
78  cards
What are some reasons for poverty...,
How had the population changed du...,
What caused inflation during this...
30  cards
English Sailors and Circumnavigation
From when did drake circumnavigat...,
Name a colony that was establishe...,
What happened to the first colony...
40  cards
Religious Matters
What were 2 religious aims of eli...,
When was the act of supremacy passed,
What did the act of supremacy do
18  cards
The Northern Rebellion
What was it inspired by,
Which 2 northern nobles led the r...,
What year was it
7  cards
The Throckmorton Plot
When was it,
What was its plan,
When it failed what happened to t...
4  cards
The Ridolfi Plot
Led by who,
Who else did it involve,
What was its plan
3  cards
Elizabeth's Response to Catholic Threat
When was the treason act,
What was the treason act,
When were recusancy fines introduced
10  cards
What were puritans,
Who were they influenced by give ...,
What did they
15  cards
The Babington Plot
When was it,
Who led it,
What was babington s plan
11  cards
Conflict with Spain
Who had been bloody mary s husband,
When had philip proposed marriage...,
What had elizabeth done which ang...
22  cards
Naval Warfare
How had fleets changed from befor...,
What is the line of battle,
What were a common form of attack
11  cards
The Spanish Armada
When was the spanish armada,
Philip prepared a huge fleet of h...,
How many sailors and soldiers did...
34  cards

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