history: health and the people - unit 4

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Medieval medical standstill: medieval medicine
What did people in the medieval e...,
What did people in the medieval e...,
What did people in the medieval e...
30  cards
The Begginings Of Change: Prevention Of Disease
What is the difference between in...,
Why was small pox a problem durin...,
What were the symptoms of small pox
11  cards
A Revolution In Medicine: Revolution in surgery
What was the limitations of exist...,
What was the impact of the indust...,
How did epidemics cause a develop...
14  cards
A Revolution In Medicine: The Development In The Germ Theory
When was the first basic microsco...,
What is the difference between co...,
What is meant by spontaneous gene...
34  cards
A Revolution In Medicine: Improvements In Public Health
Why were britain s towns so dirty...,
What was disease like in the earl...,
Throughout the 1800s how did dirt...
39  cards
20th Century Medicine
Who was he first person to discov...,
Who was paul ehrlich,
What was paul ehrlich significant...
66  cards
Development In 20th Century Medicine (2)
What are the advantages and disad...,
How has further development of me...,
What did the workmen s compensati...
46  cards
Medieval Medical standstill: medical progress
What did people in the medieval e...,
State 3 ways christianity hindere...
20  cards
Medieval Medicine Standstill: Public Health
What does public health mean,
Main impacts of the black death,
What was the black death
34  cards
The Begginnings Of Change: The Impacts Of Renaissance
What is renaissance,
What did the renaissance lead to,
What did vesalius discover
62  cards
The Beginnings Of Change: Dealing With Diseases
Why were catholic monasteries clo...,
Give a brief description of the k...,
What were the effects of henry 8t...
22  cards

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history: health and the people - unit 4

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