history igcse (cie) cold war

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Historic US / USSR Tensions
When did russia turn communist,
What is another name for the 1917...,
Who led the bolshevik revolution
24  cards
Yalta Conference
What did the usa and ussr emerge ...,
What is a superpower,
What foreign policy did the usa f...
30  cards
Potsdam and the bomb
Who died between yalta and potsdam,
Who succeeded fdr as president,
Before becoming president what ha...
18  cards
Iron Curtain Speech
Who gave the iron curtain speech,
Was churchill still pm at this point,
Where did churchill give his iron...
13  cards
Soviet takeover of eastern Europe
How had stalin maintained power i...,
By 1940 how many soviet citizens ...,
How did the red army behave in ge...
14  cards
Greece, 1947
Who had controlled greece until 1944,
Which two main factions groups we...,
What did the monarchists want
16  cards
Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
When did truman announce the trum...,
What was the truman doctrine anno...,
What was trumans initial request
24  cards
Berlin Blockade and Airlift
Where was berlin located,
By 1948 what were relations like ...,
What had both sides started to do...
28  cards
Consequences of Berlin Blockade
What happened to germany followin...,
When was west germany formed,
When was east germany formed
21  cards
Background to the Korean War
After wwii who occupied north korea,
After wwii who occupied south korea,
In 1948 what happened to korea
14  cards
Events of the Korean War
When was the korean war,
When did the korean war begin,
How did the korean war begin
43  cards
Methods of Containment
Why could america not just send t...,
What did the korean war reveal ab...,
What two alliances did the usa cr...
10  cards
The Arms Race
0  cards
Background to Cuban Missile Crisis
Which country became communist in...,
Which area was mostly under commu...,
What did the ussr acquire in 1949
15  cards
How did the USA react to the Cuban Revolution?
Who was in power in cuba before c...,
Why did the usa support batista,
Before castro took power what was...
18  cards
The Missile Crisis (1962)
What flooded into cuba after the ...,
When did the ussr publicly announ...,
By september what sort of weapons...
23  cards
Outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis
What was agreed to end the missil...,
Who lost personal prestige as a r...,
When was khrushchev forced to resign
12  cards
Origins of Vietnam War and Reasons for US Involvement
Who ruled vietnam between 1945 an...,
Which country came communist in 1949,
Which communist country began fin...
43  cards
Vietcong tactics in the Vietnam War
What did the us believe about the...,
How many soldiers did the vietcon...,
Who would have won in open warfar...
17  cards
US tactics in Vietnam
What was the main us tactics duri...,
What did operation rolling thunde...,
In what ways did operation rollin...
14  cards
Public opinion and Vietnam
0  cards
The Tet Offensive
0  cards
The My Lai massacre
0  cards
Ending the war in Vietnam
0  cards

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