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Important dates
Writing developed in egypt,
Cult of asclepius popular,
Hippocratic corpus
31  cards
Prehistoric medicine
What is prehistory,
When was writing introduced to br...,
Who introduced writing to britain
37  cards
Ancient Egyptian Medicine
When was egypt great,
What was the egyptian civilisatio...,
What was important about the nile
37  cards
Ancient Greek medicine
Where did the greeks live,
Where were the borders of greece ...,
What was the ancient greek approa...
100  cards
Roman Medicine
What happened to greek ideas of m...,
How did greek ideas enter the rom...,
What led the romans to establish ...
36  cards
Medieval Medicine
What led to the dark ages,
What did the roman empire split into,
What year did the roman empire split
121  cards
Renaissance Medicine
What was the renaissance,
What does renaissance mean,
How did the renaissance start
49  cards
The Age of Enlightenment
Who introduced inoculation to the uk,
What disease was inoculation used...,
Why was smallpox feared
22  cards
The Industrial Revolution
Which war brought two famous nurs...,
What were the dates of the crimea...,
Who was the lady with the lamp
69  cards
The Development of Modern Surgery
What were the three big issues wi...,
What had been used as pain relief,
Who first suggested the use of ni...
72  cards
What is midwifery,
What is a midwife,
What is obstetrics
32  cards
Recent Advances in Public Health
Which towns had the best public h...,
What happened to public health st...,
When was the industrial revolution
143  cards

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