history- power and the people

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magna carter
Which king was the magna carter f...,
When was the magna carter created,
What was the clause about the church
7  cards
Poll tax
When was the first rebellion over...,
What happened in 1381,
When was a later protest over pol...
4  cards
pilgrimage of grace 1536
When was the first uprising linco...,
What was the cause religious,
What evidence could be used to sh...
13  cards
Civil war 1642-1651
Who was ruler at the time,
Who many years did charles rule w...,
What were the religious causes th...
18  cards
The English Empire
Why did parliament want praying b...,
What year was the stamp act passed,
What did the tax act do
11  cards
Peterloo masacre 1819
When was it,
How many gathered in st peters fi...,
Who were they there to listen to
8  cards
The great reform act 1832
How many boroughs did it declare ...,
How many new constituencies did i...,
How many more could now vote
5  cards
The people charter
When was it published,
How many signatures did the final...,
Who was it published by
5  cards
women suffrage
When was the ladies of langham pa...,
What were the aims of the ladies ...,
What did the ladies of langham ac...
13  cards
sosial reforms and unions
When was the combinations act passed,
What did the combinations act do,
When was slavery abolished in eng...
32  cards
When was the national equality ac...,
What did the national equality ac...,
When did the windrush arrive in b...
12  cards
how factors contributed to events (16 marks)
Examples of religion,
Example of the economy,
Examples of political demands
6  cards
hardwick hall
What features show the gentry bec...,
What features show the peacefully...,
What features show the new renais...
4  cards

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history- power and the people

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