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1865-1890: The weakness of federal government
Why did johnson seem like the rig...,
How did johnson aim to bring the ...,
What did the new state govs intro...
12  cards
1865-1890: Reconstruction Corruption and Political
Describe the fisk gould scandal,
What was the most notorious polit...,
Describe william tweed
13  cards
The position of African-Americans
Why was there anger amongst afric...,
How had lives improved for black ...,
Describe the strong commitment to...
7  cards
Key dates in US and the world
11  cards
The USA and the world
What did the us feel towards impe...,
Which 3 things proved that this h...,
Give a reason that caused shift i...
37  cards
General Quiz
When was the 13th amendment passe...,
When was the civil rights act pas...,
When was the reconstruction act p...
31  cards
Social Divisions
What was immigration to the us pu...,
What happened as industrialisatio...,
Where were most of the chinese la...
18  cards
Regional divisions - The North, East and South
What was most notable in the nort...,
Describe the change in population...,
Describe the tensions caused by t...
8  cards
Regional divisions - The Wild West
Which 2 reasons caused the rapid ...,
Describe what the government poli...,
Describe the treaties with indian...
17  cards
WW1 - Economic impact
What did the usa become from 1917,
What was the world economy depend...,
Describe how us neutrality had be...
12  cards
WW1 - Peace conference
What had the war enhanced for ame...,
What was this prestige was symbol...,
What did people around the world ...
10  cards
WW1 - The enemy within
What did the war put stresses and...,
What new hostility emerged,
Describe the years from 1918 20
12  cards
WW1 - Socialism, 'Red Scares' and fear of revolution.
What happened in october november...,
What happened in 1918 1919,
What did this fear of communism l...
16  cards
WW1 - The Palmer raids
How would tough action against re...,
What happened in april and may 1919,
What happened in the autumn of 1919
8  cards
WW1 - African-Americans
Sum up the impact that the war ha...,
Describe the positive impacts,
Why did black people volunteer fo...
10  cards
WW1 - Prohibition
What group was dominating by 1917,
What was the the argument of the ...,
What did anti german propaganda f...
9  cards
Economic growth and development - developments in agriculture.
How was agriculture an important ...,
What happened as industrialisatio...,
When was the homestead act and wh...
7  cards
Agricultural development in the West
Describe the economic legacy of t...,
When was the homestead act and wh...,
What was completed in 1869
13  cards
Agriculture developments in the Northeast
Describe the economic legacy of t...,
In the north and east what did ag...,
What had cities like chicago and ...
5  cards
Agricultural developments in the South
Describe the economic legacy of t...,
In the south what did the politic...,
Why were small farmers in a diffi...
6  cards
Urbanisation, industrialisation and the rise of corporations
Describe the gilded age,
What industries drove economic gr...,
Describe the transition in the si...
14  cards
Economic growth and development - Railroads
Sum up the importance of the rail...,
How many miles of track were ther...,
What was american industry bound ...
9  cards
Economic growth and development - Steel and oil
What was steel vital for,
What did american steel productio...,
What was a key reason for this ex...
11  cards
Economic growth and development - Cartels and trusts
What was the foundation of the in...,
What is joint stock capitalism,
What were corporations
10  cards
US foreign policy between 1865 and 1890: Monroe Doctrine and Territorial consolidation
What and when was the monroe doct...,
What did the monroe doctrine stat...,
What and when was isolationism
25  cards
US foreign policy between 1865 and 1890: Tensions over Canada
What were the 3 main issues causi...,
What happened between 1866 and 1871,
What was the fenian brotherhood
10  cards
The dominance of laissez-faire
State the ideas within laissez faire,
What were the ideas of laissez fa...,
What happened from 1865 1890
14  cards
The reaction against laissez-faire
How had attitudes towards laissez...,
What aroused this criticism to la...,
Why were several state government...
19  cards
The end of the frontier and its impact
What was the turner thesis,
What did turner announce in the t...,
How did the turner thesis have ma...
16  cards
Republican dominance: 1890-1912
Why was it fair to say that the r...,
Which two new political forces we...,
Describe the situation by 1912
27  cards
The rise of the Republican Party and the elction of 1896
Where did the main blocks of supp...,
What did the republicans usually ...,
How did bryan battle it out in th...
11  cards
The presidency of McKinley and Roosevelt progressive aims.
When was republican conservatism ...,
What was significant about this r...,
Describe the situation with the d...
24  cards
Progressivism and Theodore Roosevelt
What progressive reputation had r...,
What did roosevelt regularly deno...,
However how was roosevelt less an...
12  cards
Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft
Why did taft delight the conserva...,
How else did taft please the cons...,
What did taft move towards with f...
14  cards
The problems of the Democratic Party
How did the 1896 election reveal ...,
How did the 1896 election reveal ...,
Describe how democratic party div...
23  cards
The Wilson presidency: Progressivism and the New Freedom
How was wilson a traditional demo...,
What happened to bryan in wilsons...,
What was new freedom
21  cards
Wilson and continuing tensions and divisions
What were existing tensions and d...,
What did these divisions reveal,
What did the european war interrupt
15  cards
The rise of US dominance as an economic and industrial power
What was the driving force behind...,
What was industrial growth accomp...,
Describe how economic expansion w...
23  cards
Developments in agriculture 1890-1920
What agriculture was the us a wor...,
What was the situation of us agri...,
What did small farmers in the sou...
21  cards
Regional differences 1890-1920
What changed the face of america ...,
What had happened to the populati...,
Describe the population of other ...
25  cards
Immigration 1880-1917
What was social change in america...,
Describe the effect of immigratio...,
What did most of the migrants become
19  cards
Urbanisation 1880-1917
What was the us transformed by,
What did the construction boom th...,
What did urbanisation accelerate
9  cards
Social and ethnic divisions 1890-1920
What dream of immigration came tr...,
What was remarkable about this me...,
However what was the reality of t...
11  cards
Regional Divisions and the social impact of Progressivism 1890-1920
Where was the scale of modernisat...,
Why was the northeast more european,
Why was the south determinedly di...
22  cards
The position of African-Americans before WW1
What was clear for african americ...,
What was this imprisonment of afr...,
What happened to the perpetrators...
13  cards

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