hl chemistry

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IB Required Experiments
How do you work out the water of ...
1  cards
Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationships
29  cards
Topic 2: Atomic Structure
0  cards
Topic 3: Periodicity
How do you find the effective nuc...,
Define the atomic radius,
What are the trends of atomic rad...
32  cards
Topic 4: Chemical Bonding and Structure
Define intermolecular and intramo...,
Define electronegativity,
Describe how electronegativity af...
19  cards
Topic 5: Energetics
Define the standard enthalpy of c...,
Define the standard enthalpy chan...,
Define the standard enthalpy neut...
19  cards
Topic 6: Chemical Kinetics
Define the term rate of reaction,
What are the units for rate of re...,
Define a catalyst
11  cards
Topic 7: Equilibrium
0  cards
Topic 8: Acids and Bases
Acids are proton,
The conjugate acid gains a,
What colour is litmus in an acid
41  cards
Topic 9: Redox Processes
Leo ger,
Oxidation reduction reactions,
The oxidation state
34  cards
Topic 10: Core Organic Chemistry
Define saturated,
Define unsaturated,
Define aliphatics
41  cards
Topic 20: Organic Chemistry HL
What are the reactions of the hal...,
Describe sn1,
Describe sn2
16  cards
Topic 11: Part 1 - Measurement/Data Processing
What is qualitative data,
What is quantitative data,
What is the uncertainty of an ana...
12  cards
Topic 11: Part 2 - Spectroscopy
Define spectroscopy,
What are the three main technique...,
Give the formula for the index of...
14  cards
Option D Medicinal Chemistry SL
Define a drug,
Define medicines,
What is a drug or medicine
64  cards
Option D Medicinal Chemistry HL
What is taxol,
How was taxol first isolated,
Describe how chiral auxiliaries a...
20  cards

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