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CH 1 & 2 Quiz Review - CH1
What are the elements of a medica...,
List the elements of a term,
What is the difference between a ...
57  cards
CH 1 & 2 Quiz Review - CH2
What makes up the human body,
What makes up organ systems,
What makes up organs
167  cards
CH 3: Integumentary System
What are the four cardinal signs ...,
Define biopsy,
Deconstruct the word biopsy
188  cards
CH 4: Skeletal System
What are the four components of t...,
True or false the shape of the bo...,
Articulate articulation
137  cards
CH 5: Muscular System
What is fascia,
What is a ligament,
84  cards
CH 6: Cardiovascular & Circulatory Systems
Define apex,
Define cardiac,
Define cardiologist
107  cards
CH 7.1: Hematic (Blood) System
Define anemia,
Define antecubital,
Define colloid
62  cards
CH 7.2 & 7.3: Lymph & Immune Systems
Define allergen,
Define allergy allergic reaction,
Define intersitial
58  cards
CH 8: Respiratory System
Define alveolus,
Define bronchus,
Define bronchiole
77  cards
CH 9: Digestive System
Define bariatrics,
Define digestion,
Define digestive
88  cards
CH 10: Nervous System
Define afferent,
Define efferent,
Define epileptic
102  cards
CH 12: Endocrine System
Define antidiuretic,
Define endocrine glands,
Define endocrinology
80  cards
CH 13: Urinary System
Define bladder,
Define urinary bladder,
Define glomerulus
76  cards
CH 14: Male Reproductive System
Define epididymis,
Define genitalia,
Define genital
69  cards
CH 15: Female Reproductive System
Define clitoris,
Define estrogen,
Define gynecology gyn
87  cards

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