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lecture 1 - tissue types
What are the four main types of t...,
What type of tissue is skin,
What are the two forms of epithel...
25  cards
lecture 2 - anatomical terminology
What is homeostasis,
What is feedback in terms of home...,
What is feed forward in terms of ...
42  cards
lecture 3 - skeleton structure
How do bones aid in body movement,
What do bones store and how,
Where do bones form red blood cells
108  cards
lecture 4 - bone tissue
What are the percentages of organ...,
What is the main organic componen...,
What is the purpose of collagen i...
41  cards
lecture 5 - bone growth + joint tissue
What do bones begin as,
What are cartilage models made of,
What is the name of the process o...
48  cards
lecture 6 - joint classifications
What are the 3 main types of join...,
What is the tissue involved in fi...,
What is the most stable type of j...
60  cards
lecture 7 - osmosis & membrane potential
What is diffusion,
What is osmosis,
How can the flow of water across ...
26  cards
lecture 8 - skeletal muscle
What are the cells that make up m...,
What are the three levels of musc...,
What is a fascicle
23  cards
lecture 9 - muscle tension/contraction
What are the key components of th...,
What is actin in the myofilament,
What is myosin in the myofilament
33  cards
lecture 10 - muscle/joint action
What are the parts of an anatomic...,
What are the position of the comp...,
What are the position of the comp...
115  cards
lecture 11 - standing/gait cycle
What are the 3 reinforcing ligame...,
In extension what is the position...,
In flexion what are the positions...
44  cards
lecture 13 - biostatistics II
What is the standard deviation of...,
What is the term for the variabil...,
As sample size increases what hap...
7  cards
lecture 14 - biostatistics III
What is the equation for the stan...,
What is a confidence interval,
What is the equation for the conf...
7  cards
lecture 16 - nervous system organisation
What are the two types of cells i...,
What are the key components of a ...,
In the cns what is the name for a...
39  cards
lecture 17 - functional info flow
What are the two types of informa...,
What is somatic information in th...,
What is autonomic information in ...
39  cards
lecture 18 - action potentials
What is the essential foundation ...,
What are the initial relative con...,
What is the electrical gradient o...
49  cards
lecture 19 - synaptic transmission
How is information transferred be...,
What are the features of a synapse 7,
When an action potential arrives ...
30  cards
lecture 20 - spinal cord & nerves
Where does the spinal cord originate,
Where does the spinal cord end,
What is the spinal cord contained...
38  cards
lecture 21 - meninges & ventricular system
How many layers make up the meninges,
What are the 3 layers of the meni...,
What is the outermost layer of th...
34  cards
lecture 22 - movement & sensation
What are the major sulci fissures...,
What parts of the brain does the ...,
What parts of the brain does the ...
49  cards
lecture 23 - motor control
What is a reflex movement,
Are reflex movements reproducible...,
What parts of the nervous system ...
43  cards
lecture 24 - somatic sensation
What are the two types of senses,
What are somatic senses,
What are special senses
27  cards
lecture 25 - homeostasis & hormones
What are the 3 steps of the homeo...,
Why might a value for a character...,
What are the differences between ...
54  cards
lecture 26 - pituitary, hypothalamus & growth hormone
Where is the pituitary gland located,
How is the pituitary gland stimul...,
What are the 2 key parts of the p...
36  cards
lecture 27 - thyroid, parathyroid & adrenal galnds
What hormones are secreted by the...,
What is the location of the thyro...,
What is the structure of the thyr...
67  cards
lecture 28 - cortisol & stress
Where is cortisol produced,
What carrier protein is cortisol ...,
What type of target cell receptor...
39  cards
lecture 29 - loss of homeostasis
What disorder is caused by excess gh,
What disorder is caused by a defi...,
What is infantile hypothyroidism
32  cards
lecture 30 - intro to immunology
What are the overall components o...,
What is the name for a microbe th...,
What are primary lymphoid organs
35  cards
lecture 31 - immune cells of blood
What are the two overall componen...,
What are the components of plasma,
What are the 3 key formed element...
58  cards
lecture 32 - innate immunity
What type of immune responses is ...,
What is the overall process of th...,
Where do mature neutrophils for t...
43  cards
lecture 33 - linking innate and adaptive immunity
What are 3 key components of immu...,
What are soluble chemical messeng...,
How are surface bound ligands inv...
24  cards
lecture 34 - adaptive immunity
What is the first line of immune ...,
What is antigen sampling presenta...,
How are antigen peptides displaye...
17  cards
lecture 35 - T cells
Where do t cells arise,
How does the thymus develop a t c...,
What is the name for immature t c...
25  cards
lecture 36 - B cells & antibody
Where do b cells develop,
Where do b cells mature,
What do b cells express
52  cards
lecture 37 - immune insufficiency & over activity
What are the 2 main cause of immu...,
What is severe combined immunodef...,
What is the mode of inheritance o...
12  cards
lecture 38 - immune system response to infection
What are the 2 key forms of adapt...,
What is clonal selection in terms...,
What are the 2 processes that are...
16  cards

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