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Cell Structure
14  cards
Structure/funtion of the cell
Phospholipid molecules,
6  cards
Transport across the cell membrane
Simple diffusion an example of it,
Faciliatated transport,
Vesicular transport
15  cards
Epithelial tissue location
8  cards
Cellular Respiration & Metabolism
Anabolic biosynthetic pathways,
Catabolic pathways
16  cards
Structure of carbohydrates range ...,
Functions of carbohydrates,
How do carbohydrates storage energy
17  cards
What are enzymes,
What factors cn affect enzymes,
What are subtrates
21  cards
Digestive System
What are the six basic activities...,
The 2 types of digestion,
What is mechanical digestion and ...
47  cards
Dietary Disease
Iron deficiency anaemia main cause,
Iron deficiency anaemia main symp...,
Iron deficiency anaemia lifestyle...
16  cards
Circulatory System
What is the circulatory system,
Main function and other important...,
Structure of blood what is it com...
18  cards
The Heart
What is the membrane that is encl...,
What do the right and left sides ...,
What are the four chambers of the...
18  cards
The Skeletal System
Functions of the skeletal system,
What can the skeleton do,
What are the 5 main types of bone...
4  cards
Structure of Protein
What is a primary protein structure,
What is the structure of a second...,
What is a tertiary protein structure
4  cards
The Respiratory System
What antibacterial enzyme do nasa...,
Why is the nose and nasal cavity ...,
Where is the pharynx located
31  cards
Dna, Genes and Chromosomes
Dna stands for what and is found ...,
What does dna contain,
What does rna stand for
42  cards
Mitosis & Meiosis
What are the four phases the cell...,
G1 phase first growth phase,
S phase synthesis phase
17  cards
8  cards
Stem Cells
What type of cell is unable to di...,
Stem cells
20  cards
Gene mutation,
Chromosomal mutations,
Somatic body cells mutations
24  cards
Cancers & Treatments
What is cancer,
What is a tumour,
Malignant tumour
16  cards
Condom type how they work,
Condom positives negatives,
Female condom type how they work
22  cards
Sexually Transmitted Infection
Gonorrhoea causative agent,
Gonorrhoea effects,
Gonorrhoea treatment
19  cards
Muscle tissue,
37  cards
Pregnancy & Birth
Functions of the placenta endocrine,
Functions of the placenta excretory,
Functions of the placenta immune
51  cards
Vas deferens,
20  cards

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