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­čžŹ3.2.1.1 - Globalisation
What is globalisation,
What is an economy of scale,
What are international flows of c...
36  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Trade Blocs
What is saarc,
Which countries are involved in s...,
What does saarc promote
44  cards
­čžŹ3.2.1.2 - Global systems
What is interdependence,
What can unequal flows of money a...,
In unequal flows of people what a...
25  cards
­čžŹCase Study - The IMF
What is the imf,
What does the imf do,
How many countries are part of th...
20  cards
­čžŹCase Study - The World Bank
What does the world bank do,
How many countries are part of th...,
What is the main aim of the world...
16  cards
­čžŹCase Study - The WTO
What is the wto,
What does the wto do,
What is the wto in favour of
17  cards
­čžŹCase Study - The UN
What is the un,
What does the un do,
What are the uns four main purposes
17  cards
­čžŹ3.2.1.3 - International Trade and Access to Markets
What is an import licence,
What are import quotas,
What are subsidies
99  cards
­čžŹCase Study - TPP, TTIP, G7 & G20
What does tpp stand for,
What is tpp,
What does tpp aim to do
24  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Shell in Nigeria
How many miles of oil pipeline ru...,
How much money does oil contribut...,
How many barrels of oil are extra...
29  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Coffee as a Commodity
Where is the bean belt,
Which countries are the biggest c...,
What percentage of coffee product...
25  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Apple as a TNC
Where are apples headquarters,
When did apple launch,
When did apple first start seeing...
42  cards
­čžŹ3.2.1.4 - Global Governance
What is global governance,
What did global governance begin ...,
What are the focuses of global go...
12  cards
­čžŹ3.2.1.5 - The 'Global Commons'
What are global commons,
What are examples of the global c...,
What is the common heritage of ma...
9  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Antarctica as a Global Common
What does antarctica store,
How does the continent change in ...,
When was antarctica discovered
76  cards
­čžŹ3.2.2.1 - The Nature and Importance of Places
What is space,
What is place,
What is outsider perspective
32  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Stratford upon Avon
What are the infrastructural endo...,
What are the physical endogenous ...,
What are the demographic endogeno...
16  cards
­čžŹ3.2.2.2 - Changing Places ÔÇô Relationships, Connections, Meaning and Representation
All places are,
What do socially constructed link...,
What are some forces of change
38  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - The New Era Estate
Where is the new era estate,
How many families lived on the es...,
Which us company bought the site ...
16  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - Scunthorpe
When did the protests in scunthor...,
How many jobs were under threat,
Where were the threatened jobs from
14  cards
­čžŹPlace Study - Chipping Campden
Where is chipping campden located,
What is the population of chippin...,
What percentage of residents are ...
36  cards
­čžŹPlace Study - Detroit
Where is detroit located,
What is heavy industry,
What was the steel belt
62  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.1 - Urbanisation
What is urbanisation,
What is suburbanisation,
What is counter urbanisation
42  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - New Deals for Communities
Where is an example of new deals ...,
What was done in devonport,
What is devonport home to
24  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - Urban Development Corporations
What is an example of an urban de...,
When was the london docklands pro...,
Where is the london docklands
23  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - City Challenge
What is an example of city challenge,
How many city challenge schemes t...,
How much money was given by the g...
21  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.2 - Urban forms
What is an urban form,
What features do world cities have,
What are pre industrial cities
52  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.3 - Social and Economic Issues Associated with Urbanisation
What is cultural diversity,
What is diaspora,
What is economic inequality
28  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.4 - Urban Climate
What aspects of the climate can u...,
In what ways can winds be modifie...,
Why are wind speeds generally low...
33  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.5 - Urban Drainage
What is interception,
What is vegetation storage,
What is surface storage
17  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - Olympic Park, London
Where is the olympic development ...,
What does the olympic park house,
What was the site used fro formerly
14  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - Cheonggyecheon
Where is cheonggyecheon,
Since when has the river flowed t...,
When was the river covered
20  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.6 - Urban Waste and its Disposal
What is municipal waste,
What is municipal solid waste,
What are the impacts of increasin...
23  cards
­čžŹCASE STUDY - Semakau Landfill
Where is semakau landfill,
What is the population of singapore,
Why are such large amounts of was...
22  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.7 - Other Contemporary Urban Environmental Issues
What are some of the causes of wa...,
What can be found in the river mi...,
What activities frequently take p...
33  cards
­čžŹ3.2.3.8 - Sustainable Urban Development
What is sustainable development,
What is liveability,
What is a sustainable city
21  cards
­čžŹCase Study - London
What is the population of london,
What is the population expected t...,
What area does london cover
62  cards
­čžŹCase Study - Mumbai
Where is mumbai situated,
What is the climate of mumbai like,
What was the 2011 population of m...
47  cards
Case Study - Devonport, Plymouth
What was devonport established as,
Where is devonport,
Why was it established as a naval...
16  cards
Case Study - Totness, South Devon
What year did costa try and open ...,
What happened within weeks of the...,
How did the opposition feel
10  cards
Case Study - Rebranding Amsterdam
When was amsterdam s reputation t...,
What factors caused amsterdam s r...,
What was the most successful rebr...
4  cards
Case Study - Dismaland, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
What was it,
When did it happen,
What famous artists had artwork t...
6  cards
Local Place study - Torquay
Where is torqay located,
When did torquay grow from just b...,
What did torquay use to be
10  cards
Distant Place Study - Brick Lane
Where is brick lane located,
What is it the heart of nowadays,
What was bricklane originally called
9  cards

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