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Define supply,
What does the law of supply state,
What are factors that determine t...
10  cards
What is the law of demand,
Why can the demand curve shift,
How do related products affect de...
8  cards
Market Equilibrium
What is market equilibrium,
What will happen to the market pr...,
What are free goods
18  cards
What is price elasticity of deman...,
What is the equation for ped,
What happens if ped is zero
23  cards
Introduction to economics
What is scarcity,
Outline the relationship between ...,
What is economics
36  cards
How Is Economic Activity Measured
What are the five main macroecono...,
Define gross domestic product,
What are the 3 ways to calculate gdp
19  cards
Aggregate Demand
Define aggregate demand,
Draw the ad curve,
What is the wealth effect
16  cards
Aggregate Supply
Define aggregate supply,
Define short run aggregate supply,
Illustrate the sras
14  cards
Demand-Side Policies
Define demand side policies,
What are the two demand side poli...,
Define monetary policy
20  cards
Supply- Side policies
Define supply side policies,
What are the goals of supply side...,
List all the policies that produc...
14  cards
Define inflation,
Define disinflation,
Define deflation
18  cards
Economic growth
Define economic growth,
What does growth of over the shor...,
Why may short term economic growt...
9  cards
Define unemployment,
What is the unemployment rate,
What are difficulties in measurin...
18  cards
Extra Definitions for Paper 2
Central bank,
Ceteris paribus
15  cards
How is household income generated,
Economic inequality
16  cards
The Globa Economy l
Benefits of free trade,
Free trade agreement
12  cards
Definitions For Global Economy
Free trade agreement,
38  cards

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