instrument pilot oral exam guide

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Preflight - Pilot Qualifications
An applicant for an instrument ra...,
When is an instrument rating requ...,
What are the recency of experienc...
15  cards
Preflight - Preflight Action for Flight
How can the use of the pave check...,
Explain how the use of personal m...,
What information must a pilot in ...
8  cards
Preflight - Preflight Action for Aircraft
Who is responsible for determinin...,
What aircraft instruments equipme...,
What are the required tests and i...
14  cards
Preflight - IFR Flight Plan
When must a pilot file an ifr fli...,
When will atc delete from the sys...,
When can you cancel your ifr flig...
12  cards
Preflight - Route Planning
What are preferred routes and whe...,
What are enroute low altitude charts,
What are enroute high altitude ch...
14  cards
Preflight - Flight Instruments
What instruments operate from the...,
How does an altimeter work,
What type of errors are altimeter...
42  cards
Preflight - Fundamentals of Weather
At what rate does atmospheric pre...,
What are the standard temperature...,
State the general characteristics...
32  cards
Preflight - Obtaining Weather Information
Explain the process you will use ...,
What are some examples of other s...,
What pertinent information should...
6  cards
Preflight - Aviation Weather Reports and Opservations
What is a metar,
Describe the basic elements of a ...,
What are several types of weather...
4  cards
Preflight - Aviation Weather Forecast
What is the terminal aerodrome fo...,
What is an aviation area forecast,
What information is provided by a...
12  cards
Preflight - Aviation Weather Charts
Give examples of weather charts y...,
What is a surface analysis chart,
What information does a weather d...
16  cards
Departure - Authority and Limitations of the Pilot
Discuss 14 cfr 913 responsibility...,
What are the right of way rules p...,
What are the required reports for...
3  cards
Departure - Departure Clearance
How can your ifr clearance be obt...,
What does cleared as filed mean,
Which clearance items are given i...
5  cards
Departure - Departure Procedures
What minimums are necessary to if...,
What is considered good operating...,
What are dps and why are they nec...
17  cards
Departure - VOR Accuracy Checks
What are the different methods fo...,
What records must be kept concern...,
Where can a pilot find the locati...
4  cards
Departure - Transponder
Where is altitude encoding transp...,
What are the following transponde...,
Discuss transponder operation in ...
4  cards
Departure - Airport Facilities
Where can a pilot find informatio...,
What do the following acronyms st...,
What color are runway edge lights
16  cards
En Route - En route Limitations
List and define ifr altitudes,
If no applicable minimum altitude...,
What cruising altitudes shall be ...
6  cards
En Route - En Route Procedures
What reports should be made to at...,
What reporting requirements are r...,
What items of information should ...
22  cards
En Route - Oxygen Requirements
0  cards
En Route - Emergencies
0  cards
En Route - Single - Pilot Resource Management
0  cards
En Route - Adverse Weather
0  cards
En Route - Navigation System
0  cards
En Route - Airway Route System
0  cards
En Route - Airspace
0  cards
En Route - Special Use Airspace
0  cards
Arrival - Approach Control
0  cards
Arrival - Precision Approaches
0  cards
Arrival - Nonprecision Approaches
0  cards
Arrival - RNAV (GPS) Approaches
0  cards
Arrival - Circling Approaches
0  cards
Arrival - Missed Approaches
0  cards
Arrival - Landing Procedures
0  cards
Arrival - Instrument Approach Procedure Charts: General
0  cards
Arrival - Instrument Approach Procedure Charts: Plan View
0  cards
Arrival - Instrument Approach Procedure Charts: Profile
0  cards
Arrival - Instrument Approach Procedure Charts: Minimums
0  cards
Arrival - Instrument Approach Procedure Charts: Aerodrome
0  cards
Scenario - Based Training
0  cards

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