international certificate in risk management (irm) - updated 2020

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Module 1 - Unit 1: Concepts and definitions of risk and risk management
The iso 31000 definition of a ris...,
Describe the development of risk ...,
The difference between hazard opp...
13  cards
Module 1 - Unit 2: Risk management standards
Name five risk management processes,
Control activities,
Whats the definition of a risk st...
12  cards
Module 1 - Unit 2: The ISO 31000 standard
List the 5 clauses of the iso 310...,
Describe the scope clause of the ...,
Name five of the iso 31000 risk m...
6  cards
Module 1 - Unit 2: The COSO "ERM - Integrating with Strategy and Performance" standard
Which of these processes has cont...,
What three aspects make up the fa...,
The erm cube
3  cards
Module 1 - Unit 3: Enterprise risk management
List 6 features of a an erm approach,
Compare and contrast erm with tra...,
Use a sentence to define internal...
21  cards
Module 1 - Unit 4: Risk assessment 1: introduction and identification
Provide a definition of risk asse...,
List 4 of the main risk assessmen...,
Provide a definition of risk iden...
11  cards
Module 1 - Unit 5: Risk assessment 2: risk analysis and evaluation
Define risk analysis,
List four reasons why organisatio...,
Distinguish the meanings of the f...
8  cards
Module 1 - Unit 6: Risk response and risk treatment
Define what is meant by risk trea...,
Which one of the following best d...,
Which one of the following option...
28  cards
Module 2 - Unit 1: The Global Business Environment
What sort of techniques would an ...,
What was the response of rbs to t...,
Political disturbances in ukraine...
7  cards
Module 2 - Unit 2: Risk Strategy & Framework
Name three documents that are cen...,
Group risk committee responsibili...,
Who would you look to in an organ...
13  cards
Module 2 - Unit 3: Risk Culture, Appetite & Tolerance
Define risk culture,
Describe the difference between r...,
How does irm s risk culture repor...
22  cards
Module 2 - Unit 4: Risk & Organisations
Provide the financial reporting c...,
List two of the main principles o...,
Provide a definition of operation...
12  cards
Module 2 - Unit 5: Risk Assurance & Reporting
What do we mean by the control en...,
Describe the three lines of defen...,
How do the institute of internal ...
29  cards
Module 1 - Specimen Paper (2019)
Pure risks,
Attachment of risks,
Erm advantages
13  cards
Module 2 - Past Paper (November 2018)
List four ways in which a risk ma...,
Describe how a professional inter...,
Organisation xs business premises...
12  cards
Module 2 - Past Paper (June 2018)
Answers from on a high scoring paper
12  cards
Module 2 - Past Paper (November 2017)
Risk architecture,
Question 2,
Risk management committee
10  cards
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Memorize the abbreviations used in Risk Management
43  cards

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