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Sources of authority
Who are the al bayt,
Why are the al bayt important,
What is significant about the al ...
18  cards
Revelations - Prophets, angels, the Qur'an
What did god create first,
Why are angels important,
What are the properties of angels
39  cards
Revelations - Part 2
How does the qur an make muhammad...,
Why is the qur an more important ...,
What does the qur an say about it...
28  cards
What does awaliya mean and who ar...,
What does wilaya mean,
What does qushayri say about the ...
39  cards
Sufism Part 2
Why are sufis accused of being as...,
What makes sufis different to asc...,
What does aslan say about how isl...
36  cards
Oneness of God
What are the 6 articles of faith,
How can the 6 articles of faith b...,
What does the name allah tell mus...
25  cards
Teleological argument
What does ahadiyya mean,
How can ahadiyya be seen when one...,
Give the quranic quote that shows...
21  cards
Kalam argument
Give a quote from the qur an that...,
According to turner what do musli...,
What does malebranche say about a...
23  cards
Attributes of God
What is essence,
What is an attribute,
What do the mutazilites believe a...
32  cards
Tradition - Hadith and Sunnah
What are the hadiths,
What is the sunna,
Give an example of when muslims u...
30  cards
Tradition - the Imamate
What was the issue with muhammad ...,
Who do shia muslims believe to be...,
How do shi a muslims believe muha...
28  cards
Tradition - Sunni Islam
How did abu bakr become the first...,
What was the role of the caliph,
Who gave guidance on religion
27  cards
Tawhid - additional notes
What does aslan say about tawhid,
Sura 112,
Sura 16 3
14  cards
Tradition - Night of power and practices
What similarities do the hadith a...,
What differences are there betwee...,
What practices are uniquely shi a
4  cards
Human Destiny - Human purposes
What existed when allah created adam,
How are jinn different to angels,
Through the creation what purpose...
20  cards
Human Destiny - 5 pillars
What are the 5 pillars,
What is the shahadah,
What is salah
25  cards
Human Destiny - Life after Death
What is akhirah,
What is one of the 6 articles of ...,
What is one of the usul al din wh...
23  cards
Life after death - attributes of God
How does barzakh show a loving god,
How does barzakh show a loving go...,
How do heaven and hell reflect a ...
22  cards
Life after death - Liberal Islamic views
Why do many modern muslims prefer...,
How do modernists understand life...,
What are modernists more concerne...
16  cards
Human Action and Free Will - Determinism
Give some of the 99 names of alla...,
Give some of the 99 names of alla...,
What does the qur an say about th...
29  cards
The free will argument
What do the mutazalites maintain ...,
What do the mutazalites say about...,
For the mutazalites what are the ...
17  cards
Free will - Asharites
What is original power,
What is derived power,
What happens with bad acts
19  cards
Who were the ulamah,
What did muhammad do in medina,
What does sharia mean
28  cards
Sharia - law schools
In which countries is the hanafi ...,
What sources of authority do hana...,
How do hanafi follow the ijma in ...
13  cards
Evaluating Sharia
How does shariah unify the whole ...,
What does shariah ensure,
What is the very basis of sharia ...
21  cards
Sharia - alcohol and drugs
What was the first revelation reg...,
How can the first revelation on a...,
What was the second revelation on...
22  cards
Tobacco smoking
Give some stats from the world he...,
What is the issue with the qur an...,
How does kham r apply to tobacco ...
14  cards
Sharia - Usury
What happens when a developing co...,
What happens when one deposits mo...,
What are the consequences of a le...
25  cards
Sufism - extra reading
What does hesham bazaraa say abou...,
What does hesham bazaraa say abou...,
How do al halim and al azhar desc...
8  cards
Science and Islam - Qur'an
What does sura 2 164 say which en...,
What does sura 20 114 say,
What does sura 7 190 say
9  cards
Muslim Medieval scientists
What did jabir ibn hayyan do,
What did ibn sina do,
What did ibn al nafis do
20  cards
Islam and science - Ghazali
What did usama hasan say were gha...,
What did usama hasan say were rus...,
What did usama hasan say about gh...
25  cards
Islam and science - Rushd
What was rushd s reply to ghazali...,
Why did rushd respond to ghazali,
What does rushd say about the qur an
27  cards
Women in early Islam
What does spiritually equal mean,
What does the qur an say about th...,
What does the qur an say about me...
31  cards
Important Woman in Early Islam
Who was umm al darda,
Who was hafsa,
Who was rabi a al adawiyya
12  cards
Islamic Law and traditional cultural norms
What is pakistan s views on cousi...,
What is malaysia approaches relat...,
What does the qur an say about th...
16  cards
Islamic feminists
What does tawhid suggest for wadud,
What does wadud say about being a...,
How does wadud view fiqh
25  cards
Tolerance - Qur'an
Give qur an 3 19,
Give qur an 2 256,
What does muhammad say about moses
23  cards
Tolerance - society
What was the constitution of medina,
What rights were given under the ...,
What deal did muhammad make with ...
22  cards
Apostasy - Ghazali
What does the qur an say about ap...,
What did muhammad say about apostasy,
What does tradition say about muh...
29  cards
Apostasy throughout Islam
What does the qur an say about fo...,
What did muhammad allow capital p...,
Where were hanifa s teachings on ...
21  cards
Justice and Liberation
What is justice,
Give qur an 4 135,
What is liberation
18  cards
Greater and Lesser Jihad
What does jihad mean,
What does greater jihad mean,
Who introduced greater jihad
28  cards
The Mercy of the Prophet
What is the arabic word for mercy...,
How is the mercy of allah comemor...,
What did muhammad do with zakah w...
14  cards
Justice in Law
What are the three types of crimi...,
What is hadd,
What is ta zir
31  cards
Ali Shari'ati
What was the problem with muhamma...,
Who were the savak,
How did muslims oppose the shah
25  cards
Ali Shari'ati - part 2
What was islam of the safavids,
How was islam of the safavids imp...,
How did shariati oppose apolitica...
22  cards
Why did murad claim there is a ca...,
What does he call extremism,
For murad what was the first step...
24  cards

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