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MT Builder 1
I want,
I want it,
I want to see it
200  cards
MT Builder 2
Why i don t intend,
To buy it,
I intend to go there with you
200  cards
MT Builder 3
In the newspaper,
I ve just read it,
In today s newspaper
200  cards
MT Builder 4
Will you can you have my shirts w...,
Do you have something else,
Can you show me something else
200  cards
MT Builder 5
I wish you all the best,
Have fun
6  cards
MT Builder 1 Reverse
Lo voglio,
Voglio vederlo
200  cards
MT Builder 2 Reverse
Perche non ho intenzione,
Di comprarlo,
Ho intenzione di andarci con lei
200  cards
MT Builder 3 Reverse
Nel giornale,
Lo ho appena letto,
Nel giornale di oggi
200  cards
MT Builder 4 Reverse
Puo far lavare le mie camicie,
Lei ha qualche altra cosa,
Puo mostrarmi qualche altra cosa
200  cards
MT Builder 5 Reverse
Le auguro tutto il meglio,
Si diverta
6  cards
MT foundation 1
It is,
It is possible
200  cards
MT foundation 1 Reverse
It is,
It is possible
200  cards
MT foundation 2
Do you want to do it,
Why don t you want to do it now,
I can
200  cards
MT foundation 2 Reverse
Vuole farlo,
Perche non vuole farlo adesso,
200  cards
MT foundation 3
It is very important that way,
I have to know it because it is v...,
I would like
200  cards
MT foundation 3 Reverse
E molto importante cosi,
Devo saperlo perche e molto impor...,
200  cards
MT foundation 4
The vacation,
The vacations
200  cards
MT foundation 4 Reverse
La vacanza,
Le vacanze
200  cards
MT foundation 5
Can you wait for me,
Could you wait for me,
I am sorry but i cannot wait for ...
200  cards
MT foundation 5 Reverse
Puo aspettarmi,
Potrebbe aspettarmi,
Mi dispiace ma non posso aspettar...
200  cards
MT foundation 6
It is difficult to me to say it i...,
I am thinking,
I am busy
200  cards
MT foundation 6 Reverse
E dificile per me dirlo in italiano,
Sono occupato
200  cards
MT foundation 7
There is a message for you,
Many people
36  cards
MT foundation 7 Reverse
C e un messaggio per lei,
La gente singular,
Molta gente
36  cards
MT Italian Advanced 1
I am very happy to be here with you,
With all of you,
I would like to see it
199  cards
MT Italian Advanced 2
You will leave plural,
When will you leave plural,
We will leave soon
199  cards
MT Italian Advanced 3
He couldn t tell me because he di...,
I could have told you i would hav...,
He couldn t have done it that way
199  cards
MT Italian Advanced 4
I am very happy to be here with you,
With all of you,
I would like to see it
200  cards
MT Italian Advanced 1 Reverse
Sono molto contento di essere qui...,
Con loro con voi,
Vorrei vederlo
199  cards
MT Italian Advanced 2 Reverse
Quando partirete,
Partiremo presto
199  cards
MT Italian Advanced 3 Reverse
Non poteva dirmi perche non lo sa...,
Avrei potuto dirle,
Non avrebbe potuto farlo cosi
199  cards
MT Italian Advanced 4 Reverse
Sono molto contento di essere qui...,
Con loro con voi,
Vorrei vederlo
200  cards

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