iuic camp precepts (mine)

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"Color In The Bible "
7  cards
Black Like Egyptians
Joseph mistaken for,
Moses looked egyptian,
Paul looked egyptian
7  cards
Israel In Slavery
Slave ships,
Curses slavery serving another pe...,
If we break the commandments
7  cards
Our Names Changed
Curses for a sign,
Scattered and forgotten
2  cards
He Foreknew
You only have i known of all the ...,
Hath god cast away his people,
Whom he did fore know
3  cards
Israel mine elect,
Posterity future of his elect,
I gather together his elect
5  cards
Give no sleep to your eyes nor sl...,
If the clouds are full they pour ...,
Go to the ant o sluggard observe ...
7  cards
Above all people,
Israel art my servant,
My servant whom i have chosen
4  cards
Esau s birth,
Blessing jacobs,
God hates esau
6  cards
Esau's Descendants
His children be multiplied it is ...
1  cards
Migration Of The 10 Tribes (Northern Kingdom)
Natives migration,
Ends of the earth,
From the west
3  cards
Israel In America
Land of the north,
Land that he know not,
Come out of her
3  cards
What is Love?
Keep my commandments,
Love of god,
From the beginning
6  cards
The Holy Ghost
As your fathers did christ is the...,
But the comforter which is the ho...
2  cards
"The Church" Is Israel
Church in the wilderness,
Church of the firstborn
2  cards
Islam Created In 622 AD
There thou shalt serve other gods,
New gods that came newly up,
And parted my land
6  cards
Immaculate Conception Lie
Joseph husband of mary who was bo...,
Jesus of nazareth son of joseph,
Is not this the carpenter s son i...
19  cards
New Testament Only For Israel
Covenant that i will make with th...,
The days come saith the lord that...,
Who are the israelites to whom pe...
4  cards
First Born Heir
First saith the lord israel is my...,
To the general assembly and churc...,
Whom thou hast called thy first born
4  cards
Saints/ God Loves Israel
Praise of all his saints even of ...,
Gather my saints together unto me,
Kingdom shelby given to the saint...
12  cards
Scripts To Know
2  cards
Marriage is honorable,
If a man entice a maid,
Marriage papers
15  cards
0  cards
Good Wife
0  cards
Salvation for Israel
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
Evil Woman
0  cards
Order Of Woman
0  cards
0  cards
Christmas Is Not Of Christ
0  cards

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