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Color In The Bible
And the lord god formed man of th...,
Judah mourneth and the gates ther...,
My skin is black upon me and my b...
7  cards
Israel in Slavery
If thy people go out to battle ag...,
And when ye shall see jerusalem c...,
Woe unto him that buildeth his ho...
4  cards
Our Names Changed
Moreover all these curses shall c...,
I said i would scatter them into ...
2  cards
TMH Foreknew
Hear this word that the lord hath...,
I say then hath god cast away his...,
For whom he did foreknow he also ...
3  cards
But the lord will never leave off...,
And he shall send his angels with...,
And shall not god avenge his own ...
5  cards
But thou israel art my servant ja...,
For thou art an holy people unto ...,
This the people saw and understoo...
5  cards
And isaac intreated the lord for ...,
The vision of obadiah thus saith ...,
I have loved you saith the lord y...
9  cards
Migration Of Israel (Northern Kingdom)
Those are the ten tribes which we...,
They shall walk after the lord he...,
His glory is like the firstling o...
3  cards
Israel In Americas
Therefore behold the days come sa...,
And i heard another voice from he...,
For thou hast said in thine heart...
3  cards
What Is Love?
For this is the love of god that ...,
And this is love that we walk aft...,
Love worketh no ill to his neighb...
6  cards
The Holy Ghost
Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised ...,
But the comforter which is the ho...
2  cards
"The Church" Is Israel
This is that moses which said unt...,
To the general assembly and churc...
2  cards
Islam Created In 622 AD
And the lord shall scatter thee a...,
Saying to a stock thou art my fat...,
Keep not thou silence o god hold ...
4  cards
Immaculate Conception Lie
Philip findeth nathanael and sait...,
Is not this the carpenter s son i...,
And when they saw him they were a...
12  cards
New Testament Only For Israel
For finding fault with them he sa...,
For finding fault with them he sa...,
Committed the oracles of god
5  cards
Firstborn = Heir
To the general assembly and churc...,
But we thy people whom thou hast ...,
The spirit itself beareth witness...
4  cards
Gather my saints together unto me...,
And the kingdom and dominion and ...,
Paul called to be an apostle of j...
7  cards
God Loves Israel
Blessed be the lord thy god which...,
He shall choose our inheritance f...,
I have loved you saith the lord y...
6  cards
And if a man entice a maid that i...,
Then he called his daughter sara ...,
In three things i was beautified ...
15  cards
When a man hath taken a wife and ...,
And i say unto you whosoever shal...,
And if a woman shall put away her...
9  cards
Good Wife
Thou madest adam and gavest him e...,
Blessed is the man that hath a vi...,
A silent and loving woman is a gi...
4  cards
Salvation For Israel
But israel shall be saved in the ...,
But fear not thou o my servant ja...,
And at that time shall michael st...
11  cards
Jesus answered him i spake openly...,
The pharisees therefore said amon...,
If the world now be made for our ...
7  cards
And it shall come to pass that wh...,
Men and brethren children of the ...,
And it shall come to pass that wh...
3  cards
Evil Woman
Yea many there be that have run o...,
And behold there met him a woman ...,
Behold every one that useth prove...
8  cards
Order Of Woman
Now i praise you brethren that ye...,
If a woman also vow a vow unto th...,
In like manner also that women ad...
6  cards
Marriage Sex Laws
Nevertheless to avoid fornication...,
And if any man s seed of copulati...,
And if a woman have an issue and ...
5  cards
Christmas Is Not Of Christ
Hear ye the word which the lord s...,
Thus in process of time an ungodl...,
Beware lest any man spoil you thr...
6  cards
Study Whole Bible
All scripture is given by inspira...,
Then said i lo i come in the volu...,
Then said he unto them therefore ...
4  cards
Bible Only For Israel
He hath found out all the way of ...,
Who are israelites to whom pertai...,
Surely the lord god will do nothi...
5  cards
How To Read The Bible
Knowing this first that no prophe...,
Let thy mind be upon the ordinanc...,
And philip ran thither to him and...
4  cards
Israelites Called Heathens
Thus saith the lord god because t...,
And the scripture foreseeing that...,
And that which cometh into your m...
3  cards
Israelites Called Gentiles
Moreover there went out a decree ...,
Even us whom he hath called not o...,
Yet the number of the children of...
7  cards
The heart of the righteous studie...,
But sanctify the lord god in your...,
My son if thou wilt thou shalt be...
5  cards
The fruit of thy land and all thy...,
Surely oppression maketh a wise m...,
Envy thou not the oppressor and c...
6  cards
The thing that hath been it is th...,
Behold i will send you elijah the...,
And jesus said unto them verily i...
8  cards
Real Gentile Nations
The nation of israel the princes ...,
The word of the lord which came t...,
Therefore thy gates shall be open...
5  cards
Stranger Nations
Both thy bondmen and thy bondmaid...,
And it shall come to pass when ye...,
And the seed of israel separated ...
11  cards
Israel Called Strangers
But thou shouldest not have looke...,
Now therefore ye are no more stra...,
Peter an apostle of jesus christ ...
5  cards
UFO'S Are Chariots
And i looked and behold a whirlwi...,
And when the living creatures wen...,
When those went these went and wh...
9  cards
And he said unto them this is tha...,
Ye shall kindle no fire throughou...,
Thus the heavens and the earth we...
12  cards
Dress Code
Speak unto the children of israel...,
I decked thee also with ornaments...,
The ancient men sat all in the st...
4  cards
He that is void of wisdom despise...,
He that despiseth his neighbour s...,
For we ourselves also were someti...
9  cards
Inter-Racial Marriage
Else if ye do in any wise go back...,
Therefore now shall ye not join y...,
In those days also saw i jews tha...
6  cards
For though thou wash thee with ni...,
And were baptized of him in jorda...,
When therefore the lord knew how ...
6  cards
But the day of the lord will come...,
And this shall be the plague wher...,
And all the host of heaven shall ...
9  cards
Nations In Captivity
I shall see him but not now i sha...,
For the lord will have mercy on j...,
And the sons of strangers shall b...
9  cards
And moses chose able men out of a...,
Rebuke not an elder but treat him...,
Likewise ye younger submit yourse...
6  cards
Black Like Egyptians
And joseph saw his brethren and h...,
And they said an egyptian deliver...,
And the lord said furthermore unt...
9  cards

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