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Chapter 1 Welcome to Java
The java development kit jdk cont...,
70  cards
Chapter 1 Review Questions
1 which of the following are true...,
2 which of the following are true...,
3 which of the following are true...
20  cards
Chapter 2 Java Building Blocks
Creating objects,
What is a constructor,
Two key points to note about the ...
116  cards
Chapter 2 Review Questions
1 which of the following are vali...,
2 what lines are printed by the f...,
3 which of the following code sni...
22  cards
Chapter 3 Operators
Types of operators
92  cards
Chapter 3 Review Questions
1which of the following java oper...,
2what data type or types will all...,
3what change when applied indepen...
20  cards
Chapter 4 Making Decisions
Making decisions,
Statements and blocks,
84  cards
Chapter 4 Review Questions
1 which of the following data typ...,
2what is the output of the follow...,
3what is the output of the follow...
21  cards
Java Quiz
Why is string immutable in java,
Java string pool,
3  cards
Cracking the Java Coding Interview
64how can you create an unmodifia...,
68how can you find duplicate in a...
2  cards
Chapter 5 Core Java APIs
What is api,
Creating and manipulating strings,
What is a string
195  cards
Chapter 5 Review Questions
1what is output by the following ...,
Which of the following are output...,
3which statements about the follo...
25  cards
What is the command line used to ...,
True or false an interface can ex...,
What security attack does using a...
284  cards
Chapter 6 Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
Lambdas and functional interfaces,
In java 8 the language added the ...,
Functional programming uses lambd...
40  cards
What are interfaces,
Why are interfaces useful,
How to use interfaces in your code
5  cards
Chapter 7 Methods and Encapsulation
Method declaration
62  cards
Chapter 7 Review Questions
1 which of the following can fill...,
2 which of the following methods ...,
3 which of the following methods ...
21  cards
Chapter 2 Java Building Blocks Notes
Instance initializer,
Order of initialization
40  cards
Chapter 3 Operators Notes
Types of operators,
Operator precedence,
Logical complement and negation o...
35  cards
Chapter 4 Making Decisions Notes
Statements and blocks,
The structure of an if statement,
Watch indentation and braces
37  cards
Chapter 5 Core Java APIs Notes
Operator rules,
Important string methods,
String string animals systemoutpr...
60  cards
Chapter 6 Lambdas and Functional Interfaces Notes
Lambdas and functional interfaces,
Lambda syntax,
Note s is a valid lambda if there...
44  cards
Chapter 7 Methods and Encapsulation Notes
Method declaration,
Access modifiers,
Note there s a default keyword in...
51  cards
Chapter 8 Class Design Notes
Inheritance is transitive,
Single vs multiple inheritance
101  cards
Chapter 9 Advanced Class Design Notes
0  cards
Chapter 10 Exceptions Notes
0  cards
Chapter 11 Modules Notes
0  cards
Chapter 12 Java Fundamentals Notes
0  cards
Working with Date and Times
Import javatime import time classes,
Modern date and time classes,
You obtain date and time instance...
39  cards
Shortening Code with Pattern Matching
Java 16 officially introduced pat...,
Void compareintegers number numbe...,
Note reassigning pattern variable...
6  cards
The switch Expression
Switch expression,
Int result switch variabletotest ...,
Like a traditional switch stateme...
14  cards
Chapter 21 JDBC Notes
Jdbc five interfaces,
Java persistence api jpa accesses...,
Javapublic class myfirstdatabasec...
56  cards
Chapter 15 Functional Programming Notes
Common functional interfaces,
Note as you ll learn in chapter 1...,
Implementing supplier the supplie...
6  cards
Chapter 6: Class Design_TEST
1  cards
Chapter 21 JDBC Review Questions
1 which interfaces or classes are...,
2 which are required parts of a j...,
3 which of the following is a val...
21  cards

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