j10 - discretionary investment management

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Annual equivalent rate aer cash i...,
Conversion premium discount for c...,
Interest yieldbond investmentscal...
68  cards
1. Investment Advice Process
A investment advice process pages...,
A investment advice process pages...,
B establishing the client relatio...
74  cards
2. Main Asset Classes - Cash, Bonds, Equities & Property
A cash assets page 2,
A1 saving accounts page 2,
A1a returns page 2
101  cards
3. Alternative Investments and Derivatives
A derivatives page 2,
A1 characteristics page 2 a1a the...,
A1b what are derivatives page 3
75  cards
4. Investment Tax Wrappers
A individual savings accounts isa...,
A1 types of isa page 2,
A1a lifetime isa page 3
30  cards
5. Role of the Investment Manager
A investment management process p...,
A1 modern portfolio theory pages 2 3,
A2 asset allocation pages 3 4 5
37  cards
6. Discretionary and Advisory Management
A investment management services ...,
A investment management services ...,
A investment management services ...
48  cards
7. Investment Funds
A investment funds page 2,
A1 fund management business pages...,
A2 authorisation of funds page 3
71  cards
8. Economic Environment
A the economy page 2,
A the economy page 2 continued,
A the economy page 2 continued
62  cards
9. Investment Returns and Risk
A investment risk pages 2 3,
A investment risk pages 2 3 conti...,
A investment risk pages 2 3 conti...
25  cards
10. Portfolio Theory - Principles & Limitations
A management of portfolio risk pa...,
A1 defining risk through standard...,
A1 defining risk through standard...
32  cards
11. Measuring Portfolio Performance
A indices page 2,
A1 what are indices used for page 2,
A2 index construction page 2
43  cards
12. Understanding Investment Data
A statistics page 2,
A1 what are statistics used for p...,
A2 populations and samples page 2
27  cards
13. Financial Mathematics
A time value of money page 2,
A1 definitions page 2,
A2 compound interest formula page...
19  cards
14. Sources Of Information - Uses and Limitations
A company accounts page 2,
A1 statutory accounting requireme...,
A1 statutory accounting requireme...
77  cards

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j10 - discretionary investment management

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