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Chapter 2 - Rocks
What is the igneous rock,
What is the rock sedimentary,
What is the rock metamorphic
47  cards
Chapter 9 - Soil
Describe the composition of soil ...,
Describe the composition of soil ...,
Describe the composition of soil air
29  cards
Chapter 11 - Population
Birth rate,
Demographic transition model,
Death rate
86  cards
Chapter 5 - Glaciation
Ice age,
What could cause an ice age,
What are the processes of glacial...
30  cards
Chapter 3 - Denudation
What is denudation,
What is weathering,
Name the 3 types of weathering
27  cards
Chapter 4 - Rivers
28  cards
Chapter 14 - Settlement
Describe educational settlement,
Describe industrial settlement,
Describe resource based settlement
79  cards
Chapter 17 - Economic Activities
Secondary economic activities,
Tertiary economic activities,
Primary economic activities
19  cards
Chapter 18 - Primary Economic Activities
In what three ways does society c...,
What are the advantages of oil,
What are the disadvantages of oil
39  cards
Chapter 22 -Maps
What can you look for on a map to...,
What six things must you remember...,
20  cards
Chapter 1 - Planet Earth
How far away is the earth from th...,
The crust,
The mantle
28  cards
Chapter 19 - Secondary Economic Activity
Define secondary economic activity,
What is an entrepreneur,
What are the 8 factors that influ...
25  cards
Chapter 13 - People on the Move
Individual migration,
Internal migrant
38  cards
Chapter 12 - The North/South Divide
The north,
The south,
Child mortality rate
18  cards
Chapter 20 - Tertiary Economic Activity
Tertiary economic activity,
Why are there more people in empl...,
What are the four main regions th...
34  cards
Chapter 6 - Atmospheric Conditions
What are high pressure systems ca...,
Weather forecasts,
What are the three kinds of barom...
145  cards
Chapter 15 - Communication Links
Describe the transport 21 plan,
Name 4 roads built as part of the...
17  cards
107  cards
Chapter 7 - Climate
What 3 broad zones can climates b...,
Where are hot climates found
85  cards
Chapter 21 - Economic Inequality
Describe developed countries,
Describe quickly developing count...,
Describe slowly developing countries
67  cards

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