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The earth
What is the in era core like,
What are the layers of the earth,
What is the outer core like
12  cards
What is magma know as when it rea...,
What is a gap or a whole in the c...,
What is the pacific ring of fire
11  cards
Earthquakes and tsunamis
What is the focus of an earthquake,
How do earthquakes occur,
What is the epicentre of an earth...
9  cards
Fold Mountains
What is the unfold also called,
How are fold mountains formed,
What is the down fold also called
6  cards
What are the three rock groups,
How are the rocks separated,
How are igneous rocks formed
26  cards
What is weathering,
What is denudation,
What is erosion
32  cards
Primary Ecomic Activities
What does the primary activity jo...,
What are the three types of econo...,
What are primary economic job s
45  cards
Map Work And Skills
What do maps use to illustrate at...,
What is a map,
Whar it a contour line
9  cards
Mass Movement
What is regolith,
What is mass movement,
What are the two types of mass mo...
18  cards
29  cards
Case Study : Water A Natural Resource
What are the reasons dublin would...,
Where does dublin get it s water ...,
Where are liffey vally waters col...
5  cards
Case Study: Dam Building In Ireland
Where is the largest dam on the r...,
What are the advantages and disad...,
How many dams are built on the ri...
3  cards
Case Study: Mississppi Floods 2001
What was the aftermath,
What happend
2  cards
Case Study: Pats Mixed Farm Co.Clare
What are the i puts on pats mixed...,
What are the outputs on pats farm,
How many hectares of farmland doe...
3  cards
Secondary Economic Activities
What is an input,
39  cards
Case Study: A Heavy Industry Aughinish Alumina
What does it make,
What do they not do in ireland,
What is the inputs
10  cards
Case Study:light Industry Intel
Why did intel come to ireland q,
Where are intel located,
Why are they located in lexlip
5  cards
Industrial Inertia In Sheffield
Explain what sheffield did during...,
What a te the reasons that sheffi...,
What is a niche product
3  cards
The Role Of Women In The Industry
What was ireland s culture like o...,
Why might things have changed in ...,
What was the role of women in ire...
8  cards
Shortining Of Working Hours
The role of trade unions,
What have trade unions won,
The attitude of factory owners
4  cards
The Sea
What does the size of the wave de...,
What are the 2 types of waves,
What is the swash
18  cards
The Restless Atmosphere
What are the gases that make up t...,
What is solar energy,
What does the sun provide us with
74  cards
Explain how latitude influences t...,
Explain how distance from the sea...,
How do the prevailing winds and a...
54  cards
Factors effecting population change,
What do population pyramids show,
What do pyramids inform governmen...
10  cards
What is soil,
Why is soil a very important natu...,
What is soil made from
10  cards

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