king richard i & king john

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When was richards reign,
When did richard set off on the c...,
When did richard leave the holy land
22  cards
The Feudal System
How was the feudal system introdu...,
What were the ranks of the feudal...,
What were the 3 types of peasant
19  cards
The nature of Kingship
How was the authority of a king d...,
What did it mean for a king to ha...,
What 4 domestic duties was a king...
8  cards
The role and influence of the Church
The majority of western europeans...,
What did medieval people see as t...,
How were people reminded of the d...
20  cards
Rural medieval England
There were usually __ crop fields...,
What four types of crop were typi...,
Who worked the land in villages
11  cards
Life in medieval towns
All town dwellers were free didnt...,
How would someone have become a t...,
Tradesmen were often members of a...
11  cards
Jews in medieval England
__ __ __ invited jews to england ...,
By __ there were around __ jews l...,
Jews were the only non christian ...
18  cards
Royal revenues
How did the king collect money th...,
What was tallage,
What was the role of sheriffs
14  cards
Richard I as king
When was richards reign,
What was richard doing before he ...,
Why did richard have a claim to t...
17  cards
Attitudes towards the Crusade
Who went on crusades,
How many professional soldiers di...,
What people from the church went ...
17  cards
Events of the Crusade
When did richard i and philip ii ...,
Summarise the events of the 3rd c...,
What was the significance of the ...
26  cards
Richard's return & capture
Richard left for england in octob...,
Richard couldnt travel home from ...,
By the time he was returning from...
9  cards
Richard & Normandy
What happened between richard and...,
After he returned richard forgave...,
By 1196 richard had with john ons...
10  cards
John as king
Why did john have a claim to the ...,
How did john secure power after h...,
What did john do in the first par...
9  cards
John's loss of Normandy
Name the 2 main arguments for why...,
In what 3 ways was philip skillfu...,
How did philip make john his vassal
14  cards
John's fallout with the Pope
Why were john and the pope rivals,
Summarise johns fallout with the ...,
When did the archbishop of canter...
17  cards
John's conflict with the Barons
When did the barons first plot ag...,
Give the main reasons why the bar...,
Why did johns fallout with the po...
20  cards
England after John
John died in 1216 who did he leav...,
Which baron did john appoint in h...,
Name 4 things william marshall di...
7  cards

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king richard i & king john

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