laws, regulations, and policies

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BB Ch2
1 name the first federal legislat...,
3 what was the first federal legi...,
5 the 1966 act was renamed in an ...
36  cards
AVMA 2013 Euth Guidelines
Awc for aquatic inverts,
Acceptable for aquatic inverts,
Acceptable for amphibians
29  cards
PHS Policy
2 according to the health researc...,
3 according to the health researc...,
4 according to the health researc...
24  cards
The Guide Ch1
True or false replacement refers ...,
Replacement may be achieved by a ...,
Modification of animal husbandry ...
23  cards
The Guide Ch2
1 the guide program of animal use...,
2 animal care and use programs in...,
3 which of the following regulato...
74  cards
The Guide Ch3
1 how many fresh air changes per ...,
2 exposure to sound louder than 8...,
4 true or false all poikilothermi...
78  cards
Animal Care Policies (Published March 25, 2011)
How frequently must elephants be ...,
Does policy 1 address testing of ...,
4 t f the animal care regional di...
47  cards
The Guide Ch4
1 the veterinary care program is ...,
2 true or false only the attendin...,
3 if dogs and cats are obtained f...
45  cards
AWA- Part 1, Definition of terms
Define an animal according to the...,
Which animals are excluded from t...,
What does aphis stand for
22  cards
AWA - Part 2, Regulations & Part 3, Standards, Dogs & Cats
1 which of the following persons ...,
2 a voluntary license issued to a...,
3 which of the following must be ...
90  cards
AWA - Part 3, Standards, GP & Hamsters
What are the awa specifications f...,
True or false hamster and guinea ...,
What is the correct ambient tempe...
32  cards
AWA - Part 3, Standards, Rabbits
2 indoor rabbit facilities requir...,
3 exhaust fans vents or air condi...,
7 artificial cooling in out door ...
73  cards
AWA - Part 3, Standards, NHPs
The floors in the nhp housing are...,
Any surface that comes in contact...,
3 true or false hard surfaces in ...
56  cards
AWA - Part 3, Standards, Marine Mammals
To whom should an application for...,
The application should include th...,
When would the deputy administrat...
59  cards
AWA - Part 3, Standards, Other Warmblooded Animals
With regards to indoor housing fa...,
What is the minimum height requir...,
What is the minimum height requir...
28  cards
Chs 1-3 - Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals
Organization for which nrc operates,
2 list 4 major nrc reports pertai...,
3 what does irac stand for
64  cards
BB LRGPHOR _Ch1 - Regs
4 the 3rs are emphasized in train...,
7 the principal of non maleficenc...,
11 if an iacuc is composed of mor...
11  cards
AALAS Tech & CMAR Eligibility Requirements
Describe the requirements for the...,
Describe the requirements to be e...,
Describe the requirements to be e...
4  cards
GLP - CFR 21 Part 58
1 which act passed by congress is...,
Any food additive drug biological...,
Field trials in animals are consi...
28  cards
The Guide Ch5
Decentralization may be preferred...,
How wide should corridors be a 1 ...,
How large should doors be a 12 x ...
27  cards
US Gov't Principles.....
What overall group of animals do ...,
For what types of research must t...,
Which of the following methods ar...
36  cards
Controlled Drugs
Define a schedule i drug,
Define a schedule ii drug,
Define a schedule iii drug
23  cards
The Guide Space Requirements
What is minimum cage height for mice,
What is the minimum floor area pe...,
What is the minimum floor area pe...
32  cards
Euthanasia Guideline Rules
Co2 co are acceptable for conditi...,
Inhalant anesthetics are acceptab...,
Co2 not co acceptable for
9  cards
Ag Guide 2010
Iacuc composition,
Minimum number of iacuc members,
Frequency of facility inspections
22  cards
Form number,
Form number,
Form number
7  cards

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laws, regulations, and policies

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