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Unit 1
Leadership is _________,
The first person you lead is ____...,
The ability to lead is a collecti...
44  cards
Biblical teaching,
12  cards
Communication process,
What does written communication lack,
Choose the best type of communica...
44  cards
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence,
Ways to have higher emotional int...,
Four parts of emotional intelligence
3  cards
Types of conflict
10  cards
Conflict Resolution/management
25  cards
Time Management
Professionalism macro,
Time management micro,
19  cards
Exam 1 Study Guide
Fatal leadership flaws,
Three leadership styles,
Authoritarian leadership
65  cards
Leadership macro,
Delegation micro,
Delegation is
33  cards
Joint Commission, Core measures, NPSG
Joint commission,
Is joint commission required
18  cards
Quality Improvement and Incident Reports
Quality improvement,
Why quality improvement,
How do we do quality improvement
20  cards
Bedside Management and Professional Boundaries
Management tips,
Start by reading history and phys...,
Check recent labs
41  cards
5 time management tips to start your shift
Read the h p,
Check recent labs,
Look at meds
6  cards
Time management aspect,
Why set priorities
7  cards
Cost Containment/ Finance
Moral aspect to finance cost cont...,
What is the largest component of ...
14  cards

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