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Ch.1 - Recognizing Anything
Remember the denser the object,
Radiopaque means,
Conventional radiographs terms us...
15  cards
Ch.2 - Recognizing Normal Chest Anatomy
Bronchi in cxr are,
Why look at the lateral chest,
What do we see normally in the re...
41  cards
Ch.3 - Recognizing Airspace Versus Interstitial Lung Disease
Characteristics of airspace disea...,
Characteristics of interstitial l...,
Examples of airspace disease include
46  cards
Ch.4 - Recognizing Opacified Hemithorax
Atelectasis in older people,
Atelectasis in critically ill people,
Atelectasis in young people
11  cards
Ch.5 - Recognizing Atelectasis
Subsegmental atelectasis usually ...,
Compressive atelectasis occurs pa...,
Round atelectasis is
43  cards
Ch.6 - Recognizing a Pleural Effusion
Approx l of fluid will cause opac...,
Subpulmonic effusions,
As the amount of fluid increases ...
45  cards
Ch.7 - Recognizing Pneumonia
Segmental pneumonia,
Interstitial pneumonia,
Round pneumonia
56  cards
Ch.8 - Recognizing Pneumothorax, Pneumomediastinum, Pneumopericardium, and Subcutaneous Emphysema
Beware of the pitfalls that resem...,
Simple pneumothoraces,
Tension pneumothoraces usually as...
35  cards
Ch.9 - Recognizing Adult Heart Disease
Extracardial causes which can mak...,
On the lateral projection the hea...,
In an infant heart may normally be
69  cards
Ch.10 - Recognizing the Correct Placement of Lines and Tubes: Critical Care Radiology
Tracheostomy tube tip desired pos...,
Central venous catheter desired p...,
Peripherally inserted central cat...
24  cards
Ch.11 - CT: Understanding the Basics and Recognizing Normal Anatomy
Ct chest iv contrast usually not ...,
Ct abdomen iv contrast used,
Ct abdomen iv contrast usually no...
54  cards
Ch.12 - Recognizing Diseases of the Chest
The middle mediastinum is home pr...,
The posterior mediastinum is the ...,
Incidental solitary pulmonary nod...
90  cards
Ch.13 - Recognizing the Normal Abdomen: Conventional Radiographs
Air is normally present,
An air fluid level level is found...,
An acute abdominal series usually...
66  cards
Ch.14 - Recognizing Bowel Obstruction and Ileus
2 varieties of functional ileus,
2 varieties of mechanical obstruc...,
Key findings in a localized ileus...
74  cards
Ch.15 - Recognizing Extraluminal Air in the Abdomen
3 key signs of pneumoperitoneum are,
Mcc of free air,
Key signs of extraperitoneal retr...
57  cards
Ch.16 - Recognizing Abnormal Calcifications and Their Causes
Rimlike calcifications imply calc...,
Examples of rimlike calcifications,
Linear or tracklike calcification...
67  cards
Ch.17 - Recognizing the Imaging Findings of Trauma
Most trauma related injuries are ...,
Role of ct in trauma,
Rib fractures
112  cards
Ch.18 - Recognizing GI, Hepatic, and UT Abnormalities
Radiologic findings of gastric ulcer,
Key finding in gastric carcinoma,
Gastric carcinomas may be associa...
108  cards
Ch. 19 - US: Understanding the Principles and Recognizing Normal and Abnormal Findings
A tissue that reflects many echoe...,
A tissue that has few or no echoe...,
99  cards
Ch.20 - MRI: Understanding the Principles and Recognizing the Basics
When the rf pulse is turned off,
The main magnet in an mri scanner,
There are 3 major types of coils ...
19  cards
Ch.21 - Recognizing Abnormalities of Bone Density
Role of conventional radiograph c...,
Osteoblastic metastases esp from ...,
Other diseases that can increase ...
89  cards
Ch.22 - Recognizing Fractures and Dislocations
Complete fractures,
Incomplete fractures,
Torus and greenstick fractures are
89  cards
Ch.23 - Recognizing Joint Disease: An Approach to Arthritis
Arthritides can be roughly divide...,
Hypertrophic arthritis,
Mc form of arthritis
38  cards
Ch.25 - Recognizing Some Common Causes of Intracranial Pathology
Study of 1st choice in acute head...,
Linear skull fractures,
Depressed skull fractures
160  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Thoracic Imaging
Asthma suspected pneumonia or pne...,
Copd worsening with elevated wbc ...,
Complicated pneumonia
19  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Cardiac Imaging
Chest pain suggestive of acute co...,
Acute chest pain suspicion of aor...,
Acute chest pain suspect pe
9  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Gastrointestinal Imaging
Post op patient with persistent f...,
Acute abdominal pain and fever pr...,
Acute pancreatitis 1st episode or...
20  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Musculoskeletal Imaging
Acute shoulder pain any etiology,
Shoulder pain after arthroplasty ...,
Acute knee trauma with clinical f...
13  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Genitourinary Imaging
Recurrent stone symptoms,
Acute scrotal pain without trauma,
Acute pyelonephritis with complic...
13  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Neurologic Imaging
Head trauma with clinical finding...,
Head trauma penetrating,
Head trauma distant with neurolog...
27  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Pediatric Imaging
Headache with positive neurologic...,
Headache acute severe,
Isolated hematuria
19  cards
Recognizing What to Order - Reproductive Imaging
Vaginal bleeding abnormal premeno...,
Pelvic pain acute,
Adnexal mass clinically suspected
8  cards

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