legal studies units 3 & 4

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Australian Parliamentary System
Overview of the australian parlia...,
3 principles of the australian pa...,
Distinguish between the purpose o...
13  cards
Structure & Roles Of Australian Parliament
Commonwealth parliament structure,
The senate composition and structure,
Role of the senate
15  cards
The Role Of The House Of Representatives
6 roles,
Initiate and make laws,
Determine the government
7  cards
The Role Of The Crown
Who represents the crown in austr...,
Executive council,
Governor general responsibility
13  cards
The Functions Of Parliament
6 main functions of parliament,
9  cards
Representative Government
Representative government
1  cards
Responsible Government
Responsible government,
Ministerial accountability,
Responsible government public scr...
4  cards
Separation Of Powers
Separation of powers,
The constitution makes provision ...,
Combination of legislative power ...
7  cards
Influencing Legal Change
6 reasons why laws may need to ch...,
Community values shift force for ...,
Expectations of the legal system ...
25  cards
Legislative Process
Legislative process,
8 steps in the legislative process,
Legislative process step 3 second...
17  cards
Strenghts And Weaknesses Of Parliament As A Law Maker
5 strengths of parliament as a la...,
Abundance of powers strength,
Democratically elected
16  cards
Explain the role of the upper hou...,
A visitor to australia who is stu...,
Several important principles ensu...
10  cards
Effectiveness Of The Parliamentary System
Time for public debate,
Restrictions on parliament,
Laws should reflect society s values
4  cards
Formal Law Reform Bodies
Formal law reform bodies,
The role of the vlrc
12  cards
Legislative Change Examples
Technology example,
Changes in social values example,
Protection of society
3  cards
Legislative Change Practice Questions
Discuss how laws help to promote ...,
Why is it vital to gain the suppo...
2  cards
VLRC Law Reform Process
Step 1,
Step 2,
Step 3
12  cards
4 marks explain two ways other th...,
Evaluate the effectiveness of pet...,
The victorian parliament is debat...
5  cards
Initiating Legislation
Parliamentary counsel,
The parliamentary counsels role i...,
Problems in drafting legislation
10  cards
Division Of Law Making Powers
Specific powers,
Exclusive powers,
Concurrent powers
14  cards
The Constitution And The Protection Of Rights
What does the constitution do,
What is a constitution,
Why was a central government need...
43  cards
The Referendum Process
How do referendums change the con...,
What was the effect of the 1967 r...
16  cards
The High Court And The Constitution
High court interpretation,
Implications of high court interp...,
Compare and contrast high court i...
25  cards
Changing The Constitution
3 ways in which the constitution ...,
Three ways in which the constitut...,
High court interpretation
4  cards
Factors Affecting A Referendums Likely Success
6 factors affecting a referendums...,
Double majority provision,
9  cards
Restriction On Law Making By Parliament
Restrictions on the commonwealth ...,
Residual powers restriction,
Restrictions on state parliaments
12  cards
Referral Of Powers
What types of powers can be refer...,
What section of the constitution ...,
Why do you think that the states ...
7  cards
Effectiveness Of Referendums
People s choice,
8  cards
Practice Exam Questions AOS 2
Explain the difference between re...,
It is very difficult to change th...,
Distinguish between exclusive and...
17  cards
Entrenched or statutory usa,
Types of rights protected,
Limitations usa
14  cards
Court Law and Precedent
The role of the courts and common...,
Two ways in which courts can make...,
Test cases
47  cards
Statutory Interpretation
Statutory interpretation,
Statutory interpretation example,
Statutory interpretation reasons ...
29  cards
Law Making Through The Courts And Relationship With Parliament
5 strengths of law making through...,
22  cards
Precedent relies on an existence ...,
To what extent are judges limited...,
Describe the law making process t...
9  cards
The Difference Between Criminal Cases And Civil Disputes
Criminal cases,
Parties to a criminal case,
3 types of criminal cases
16  cards
The Victorian Court System
Original jurisdiction,
Appellate jurisdiction
11  cards
Magistrates Court
Magistrates court,
Criminal jurisdiction
11  cards
County Court
County court,
Structure of the county court,
Criminal jurisdiction
10  cards
Supreme Court
Supreme court,
Structure of the supreme court,
Trial division
14  cards
Unit 4 Aos 1A Practice Questions
What court usually hears cases of...,
Would the legal system improve if...,
Using the magistrates court as an...
8  cards
4 divisions of vcat,
Structure of vcat,
Role of vcat
7  cards
Evaluate Dispute Resolution
4 strengths of judicial determina...,
Doctrine of precedent,
Legal representation
30  cards
Methods Of Dispute Resolution
6 methods of dispute resolution,
22  cards
The Adversary System
Adversary system,
The role of the adversary system ...,
How the adversary system operates...
23  cards
Evaluation Of The Adversary System
Advantages of party control,
Advantages of the role of the judge,
Advantages of the burden and stan...
9  cards
The Inquisitorial System
Inquisitorial system,
The role of the parties,
The role of the judge
20  cards
Role of the judge,
Rules of evidence and procedure,
Collection of evidence
10  cards
Possible Reforms To The Adverdary System
5 possible reforms,
Investigative role,
Problems with investigative role
10  cards
Jury System
Outline the role of the jury in b...,
Distinguish between a jury s role...,
Who is eligible for jury service
30  cards
Practice Questions UNIT 4
Compare the role of a criminal ju...
1  cards
Criminal Pre Trial Procedure
Main difference between civil and...,
Elements of a crime
48  cards
Elements of effective legal system - civil
Fair and unbiased hearing,
Timely resolution
14  cards
Recent Changes, Reccomendations, Reforms And Problems
2 recent changes,
2 recommended reforms,
2 suggestions for change alternative
6  cards
Evaluation of the protection of rights of Australians by the Commonwealth Constitution
4 strengths and weaknesses of aus...,
Difficulty of change advantage,
Difficulty of change disadvantage
9  cards
Comparison of Dispute Resolution Methods
5 similarities between all methods,
Independent third party,
12  cards
4 strengths of courts in resolvin...,
All types,
20  cards
Elements of an effective legal system
Entitlement to a fair and unbiase...,
Effective access to the legal system,
Timely resolution of disputes
19  cards
Jury System Strengths and Weaknesses
3 strengths of the jury system,
Cross section strength,
General community strength
8  cards
Sugested Reforms/Alternatives to the Jury System
3 suggested reforms to trial by jury,
Give reasons,
Not proven
8  cards
Legal representation in the adver...,
Legal representation in the inqui...,
Compare the adversary system and ...
27  cards
Evaluation of pre trial procedures
2 strengths of bail,
Uphold rights bail strength,
Negative influences bail strength
18  cards
Criminal sanctions
5 aims of criminal sanctions,
18  cards
Civil Pre-Trial Procedure
Civl action,
Aim of a civil action,
Standard and burden of proof in a...
40  cards
Evaluation of civil pre-trial procedures
2 strengths of pleadings,
Provide information pleadings,
Worthwhile pleadings
18  cards
Civil Post Trial Procedure - Remedies
General purpose of remedies,
2 most common remedies
29  cards
Civil recent changes
1 recent change and 1 recommendat...,
Changes to the supreme court rule...,
Litigation funding and group proc...
3  cards
Purpose of pre trial
3 general purposes of civil pre t...,
Information general,
Preparation general
16  cards

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