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Liver anatomy
What are the 3 branches of the ab...,
What is the largest gland of the ...,
Which anatomical position does th...
45  cards
Liver physiology
What are the main types of cells ...,
What is the function of the stell...,
What is the functional unit of th...
61  cards
What is first pass metabolism,
What does a first order of drug m...,
What does a zero order of drug me...
30  cards
Kidney physiology
What is the glomerular filtration...,
How does glomerular filtrate diff...,
How is glomerular fluid formed
86  cards
Upper GI anatomy
What kind of epithelium is the mu...,
What are the 2 parts of the oral ...,
Where is the oral cavity proper
78  cards
Acid-base balance
What is the normal serum ph of th...,
How does ph relate to h,
What are the main sources of acid...
52  cards
Renal medicine
What are the main functions of th...,
How do renal syndromes correlate ...,
How is kidney function measured
76  cards
Visceral afferents in GI
What is sensation,
What kinds of cells are involved ...,
Do all sensory inputs from the gu...
56  cards
Clinical Approach to Dyspepsia
How can the site of abdominal pai...,
What can the different characters...,
What are the main causes of upper...
47  cards
Histopath of upper GI
What stains can be used on tissue...,
What is epithelium,
What are the different types of e...
54  cards
Liver histopathology
What structures do hepatic portal...,
Why do hepatic artery branches ru...,
What is the function of the hepat...
58  cards
Pituitary gland physiology
What are the main functions of th...,
What is a hormone,
What are the 3 modes of action of...
47  cards
Clinical Hepatology
What are the main functions of th...,
How vital is liver function to su...,
What are the normal parameters in...
59  cards
What is nutrition,
What 6 main processes are involve...,
What is diet
103  cards
Clinical approach to diarrhoea
What is diarrhoea,
What is malabsorption,
What are the main types of diarrhoea
43  cards
IBD Histopathology
What are the main causes of infec...,
What are the main hallmark causes...,
What are the main inflammatory ca...
38  cards
What are inflammatory bowel disea...,
What 4 main processes are thought...,
Of the 110 ibs loci that are comm...
61  cards
Diabetes Complications
What are the sx of peripheral art...,
What is an abnormal abpi,
What are the general complication...
60  cards
Endocrinology bits
What are the main regulators of c...,
What are the actions of pth,
What are the actions of 1 25 dihy...
29  cards
Diabetes Treatment
What are the different types of dm,
How is dm diagnosed in the presen...,
What sx usually present for dm
50  cards
Consequences of obesity
What are the main ways of assessi...,
What are the benefits of using bm...,
What are the main categories of w...
38  cards
Experiencing chronic illness
Why has chronic illness become a ...,
Where is the focus of healthy pol...,
How does social class affect chro...
14  cards
Intro to RCTs
What are observational studies,
What are experimental studies,
What 2 types of outcomes should b...
35  cards
Role of clinical trials
What are the strengths of rcts,
What kind of interventions can be...,
What are the more difficult inter...
32  cards
Lay beliefs and illness
What is the focus of sociological...,
Which varied knowledge sources do...,
How were disease prevention strat...
13  cards

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