(lusuma) musculoskeletal system

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S1) Bones and Joints
What is a joint,
Which factors are affected by the...,
What are the three main categorie...
20  cards
S1) Skeletal Muscle Morphology, Structure & Mechanics
What are the 3 types of muscle cells,
State the structure and function ...,
Describe the role of skeletal mus...
45  cards
S1) Embryology of the Musculoskeletal System
Briefly outline prenatal limb dev...,
Describe the structure of the lim...,
Which limb develops first
20  cards
S2) Dermatomes, Myotomes and Segmental Innervation of the Limbs
What is a dermatome,
How are dermatomes named,
Why dont spinal cord lesions dama...
20  cards
S2) Vertebral Column
What is the vertebral column,
What are the five main functions ...,
Identify the sections of the vert...
45  cards
S3) Lumbar & Sacral Plexus
What is the lumbar plexus,
Where is the lumbar plexus located,
Which nerve roots form the lumbar...
31  cards
S3) The Hip
What is the hip joint,
Describe the articulating surface...,
Describe the arterial supply of t...
68  cards
S4) The Thigh
What is the femur,
Identify the structures visible i...,
Describe the structure and functi...
77  cards
S4) The Knee
What is the knee joint,
Describe the two articulations of...,
Describe the arterial supply of t...
29  cards
S4) The Leg
What is the tibia,
Describe the features of the prox...,
Describe the proximal articulatio...
78  cards
S5) The Ankle
Desctibe the structure of the ank...,
What is the mortise,
Describe the location and functio...
21  cards
S5) The Foot
Identify and describe the types o...,
Identify the 7 tarsal bones,
The talus is the most superior of...
29  cards
S5) Walking & Gaits
What is locomotion in human beings,
The typical walk consists of a re...,
Identify the muscles involved in ...
13  cards
S6) Cervical and Thoracic Spine
Compare and contrast the cervical...,
Identify 4 characteristics of the...,
State 2 functions of the foramen ...
40  cards
S6) Pectoral Region, Axilla and Brachial Plexus
What is the pectoral region,
Identify the 4 muscles in the pec...,
State the structure and function ...
60  cards
S7) The Shoulder
There are two types of muscles of...,
Identify the 6 intrinsic muscles ...,
Describe the structure and functi...
85  cards
S7) The Upper Arm
Where is the upper arm,
What are the muscles of the upper...,
Identify the 3 muscles in the ant...
45  cards
S8) The Elbow
What is the elbow joint,
Classify the elbow joint in terms...,
Describe the articulating surface...
24  cards
S8) The Forearm
Describe the structure location a...,
Describe the articulations of the...,
Identify the important anatomical...
75  cards
S9) Classification of Fractures
What are the different anatomical...,
Why are there different classific...,
What is a transverse fracture
20  cards
S9) The Wrist
What is the wrist joint,
What are the structures forming t...,
Does the ulna form part of the ra...
33  cards
S9) The Hand
Identify and describe the bones o...,
Describe the carpal bones accordi...,
Describe the proximal and distal ...
59  cards
S10) Nerve Injuries of the Lower Limb
What are the consequences of nerv...,
Have an understanding of the sedd...,
Describe the features observed in...
26  cards
Clinical Conditions
What are jeffersons fractures,
What is de quervains tenosynovitis,
What is a mid shaft humeral fracture
75  cards

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(lusuma) musculoskeletal system

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