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3.110 Use of Force Policy
What is the overall policy of 311...,
How does the department seek to m...,
When are officers authorized to u...
18  cards
3.110.1 Use of Force Procedure
What are the four 4 levels of res...,
What are the three 3 levels of co...,
What are the four 4 elements of d...
4  cards
3.110.2 Use of Force Tools and Techniques
__________ have an ongoing obliga...,
Officers will not use a baton ecd...,
Which tools will not be used on a...
28  cards
3.110.3 Post Use of Force Investigations
Any use of force which results in...,
A use of force report is required...,
Who will complete the use of forc...
26  cards
3.200 Code 3 Driving (Excluding Pursuit Driving)
What is the overall policy on cod...,
What are the 4 reasons officers m...,
What 2 things are prohibited whil...
5  cards
3.210 Vehicular Pursuit
What is the overall policy of 321...,
An active attempt by an officer i...,
A non code tactic that is utilize...
35  cards
3.220 Foot Pursuit
What is the policy on foot pursuits,
When are officers allowed to init...,
Who is initially responsible for ...
10  cards
3.300 Supervisors Tactic for Armed Subject Response (Star) De-Escalation Protocol
What it the overall policy for 33...,
What are the criteria for a star ...,
What is the minimum number of off...
7  cards
3.500 Major Incident and All Hazard Plan
What is the overall policy of 350...,
This system was developed so resp...,
The standard tool used for comman...
14  cards
3.505 Barricaded Subject Plan
What is the overall policy on 350...,
A subject who is believed to have...,
A suicidal subject is defined as ...
6  cards
3.510 Hostage Plan
What is the overall policy on 351...,
Once the swat team deploys and ta...,
Hostage plan
4  cards
3.520 Bomb Threats - Located Explosive Devices - Dentonations
Which agency is the primary inves...,
Any item package luggage vehicle ...,
Any item package luggage vehicle ...
21  cards
3.530 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive Incident Plan
Who is designated as the lead age...,
Entry into a potentially contamin...,
The primary responsibility for th...
9  cards
3.535 Protests: Peaceful Demostrations, Civil Disobedience, and Riots
What is the overall policy of 353...,
Under federal state and local law...,
What are the three 3 forms of pro...
21  cards
3.540 Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC) Response Policy
What is the overall policy of 354...,
When is mactac used as a response,
What does mactac provide officers
23  cards
4.100 Arrest Procedures and Declaration of Arrest
What is the overall policy of 410...,
Who is responsible for ensuring t...,
If it has been determined that an...
11  cards
4.102 Arrests Without Warrants
What is the overall policy of 410...,
A show of authority by an officer...,
An officer may make an arrest wit...
9  cards
4.104 Domestic Violence Investigations
What is the overall policy of 410...,
Frequent intimate associations pr...,
What are the 2 enhancements that ...
15  cards
4.108 Transporting Prisoners
What is the departments policy in...,
When can a prisoner be left alone...,
In resident officer vehicles if t...
13  cards
4.116 Driving/Vehicle Procedures
What is the overall policy of 411...,
For newly assigned officers how s...,
All officers will attend evoc und...
24  cards
4.130 Missing Persons and Runaways
What is the overall policy of 413...,
In compliance with the national c...,
In accordance with the national c...
7  cards
4.162 Dispatch of Units on 421 (Sick or Injured Person Calls) and Natural Deaths
In regards to sick or injured per...,
In regards to a response to dead ...,
In regards to a response to dead ...
15  cards
4.180 Community Policing Problem-Solving and the SARA Method
What is the departments policy in...,
What is sara
2  cards
5.100 Search and Seizure
The fourth amendment protects an ...,
A common law exception to the fou...,
A non investigative entry in to a...
41  cards
6.145 Witness Identification
What is the departments policy in...,
What are the supervisors responsi...,
When should show up procedures be...
10  cards
6.300 Crime Scene Investigations and Investigative Personnel Notifications
When a crime involves a dignitary...,
When detectives respond to a call...,
Patrol detectives will be notifie...
23  cards
7.136 Body Worn Cameras
What is the overall policy in reg...,
Which section is responsible for ...,
Which department members and sect...
19  cards
7.235 Voice Radio Communications
What is the overall policy in reg...,
Under what circumstances can a fi...,
Under what two circumstances can ...
6  cards
7.240 Pending Calls for Service
When a call is holding at the 60 ...,
For a call holding where there is...,
Under what circumstances is an ar...
6  cards
7.430 Early Indentification and Intervention Program (EIIP)
What is the name of the program e...,
How is an employee s place repres...,
What are the colors and their mea...
10  cards
8.157 Social Media and Electronic Communications by Department Members
Department members are free to ex...,
Who can approve department social...,
On personal social media sites de...
3  cards
8.166 Drug Free Workplace
What is the employee blood alcoho...,
If a department employee is invol...,
If an employee is suspected of be...
18  cards
8.188 Authorized Firearms, Associated Equipment, and Required Training
How often must a department membe...,
Who maintains the firearm qualifi...,
How often must captains and above...
10  cards
8.200 Criminal Violations by Law Enforcement Employees
In the state of nevada allegation...,
Nrs 289020 if a peace officer ref...,
Can an off duty officer who witne...
8  cards
8.220 Domestic Abuse and DUI Violations by Employees
Which two crimes depart from the ...,
Pursuant to nrs 33031 members who...,
When a department member is arres...
3  cards
8.325 Harassment and/or Discrimination; Prevention and Compliant Process
When conducting an investigation ...,
An act practice or pattern of beh...,
Any conduct based on an individua...
17  cards
8.330 Maintenance of Values and Ethics
The rights as stated in the right...,
Which sections are considered dir...,
As a department employee what are...
41  cards
ICS 100
___________ is a standardized on ...,
The incident command system was d...,
Ics helps ensure full utilization...
32  cards
ICS 200
Actions to institutionalize the u...,
In ics formal communication must ...,
In ics informal communication can...
24  cards
Respect In The Workplace
What is the mission of the employ...,
Who investigates bias based polic...,
What two things must be establish...
13  cards
Supervisor Guide To Employee Enhancement
Peap is a confidential resource f...,
When should a supervisor make an ...,
When should a supervisor make a c...
10  cards
Miranda And Confessions
Is there a precise formula dictat...,
When are miranda rights required,
What are the exceptions to the mi...
19  cards
PPA Contract
How many hours of sick leave do e...,
Upon approval from the department...,
Under article 10 sick leave how i...
16  cards

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