machinist period 4 2019 cash

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Specialized Manufacturing 150402d
In edm is the electrode negativel...,
Dielectric means that the,
What are the three most common ma...
76  cards
Metrology 150404a 150404b 150404c
The total deviation from basic si...,
The difference between the upper ...,
Largest and smallest permissible ...
51  cards
Co-ordinated Measuring Machine 150404c
What are the six steps to start t...,
Which icon should you select befo...,
When choosing a probe what size s...
7  cards
Set Up And Operations 150104g
Loading tools through the spindle...,
Loading tools through the spindle...,
What is the normal tool change po...
15  cards
Codes And Formats 150401a
6 concepts to understand in order...,
List 4 programmable features avai...,
6 steps to create cnc programs cc...
11  cards
Advanced Linear And Circular Interpolation 150401b
List 5 things all motion types ha...,
Describe how to program x y and z...,
What are the two ways to determin...
12  cards
Cutter Compensation 150401e
How does cutter compensation simp...,
What if a g40 is included in a no...,
4 rules for programming work surf...
22  cards
Bearings And Seals 150402b
Name two general classifications ...,
What type of lubrication is recom...,
Bearing loads can be expressed us...
61  cards
Canned Cycles 150401c
What is the advantage of hole mac...,
How do hole machining canned cycl...,
What is a canned cycle
28  cards
Red Seal Prep
When cutting a pocket that suppos...,
Why is a grinding allowance left ...,
Which product is used to check th...
26  cards
Program Applications For Canned Cycles 150401d
What positioning methods are mean...,
List three pieces of information ...,
What are the polarities of the fo...
14  cards
Programming Concepts And Applications 150401f
List two applications where you c...,
What codes would you use to end a...,
What type of program is used to i...
33  cards
Multi-axis Milling 150401h
What s the difference between the...,
Name two types of rotary devices,
Explain the difference between an...
21  cards
Workplace Coaching Skills 150404d
List three people who have respon...,
An effective way to build your __...,
List four responsibilities journe...
11  cards
Introduction To CNC Machining Centres 150402a
The most obvious difference betwe...,
On a cnc machining center you wil...,
On all machining centres a limit ...
10  cards
CNC: Letter Addresses And Codes 150402d Moodle
The letter at the beginning of a ...,
Identifies a specific sequence o1...,
A single character
22  cards
CNC: Program Formatting 150402d Moodle
Which of these is not one of the ...,
The symbol is found in most progr...,
Which one of these following prog...
10  cards
CNC: Manufacturing Systems 150402b Moodle
Which of these statements about f...,
Flexible manufacturing systems re...,
A workplace that is based on just...
8  cards
Precision Measurement 150401n Moodle
The smallest discrimination on a ...,
A vernier micrometre has a resolu...,
If two light waves with the same ...
11  cards
Gauges And Comparators 150401o Moodle
What measuring instrument that de...,
An example of a reference standar...,
Comparison measurement is a means of
14  cards
Boring Mills 150402a
Rams are used on the _____ boring...,
The horizontal boring mill is so ...,
The table of the planner miller r...
29  cards
A.I.T. 2019
What feature on a cnc machining t...,
What is the y value when using th...,
In absolute using the rotary axis...
12  cards
Red Seal Prep
General overview period 1-4
143  cards
ExamBank Red Seal Test
Flexible machining cells would be...,
When entering program codes for t...,
What type of square has the abili...
38  cards

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