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2.1.1 Economic growth
What is gdp,
How is gdp measured,
What is gdp used for
16  cards
2.1.2 Inflation
What is inflation,
What s deflation,
What s disinflation
15  cards
2.1.3 Unemployment and employment
What does unemployment mean,
What does inactive mean,
What s the labour force
19  cards
2.1.4 Balance of payments
What is the balance of payments,
What is the balance of payment ma...,
What s the current account
15  cards
2.2.1-5 Aggregate demand - net trade
What is aggregate demand,
Whats the formula for aggregate d...,
What are the labels for an aggreg...
39  cards
2.3 Aggregate supply
What is,
What does the short run mean,
What does the long run mean
12  cards
2.4 National income
What is the circular flow of income,
What are injections into the circ...,
What are leakages of the circular...
23  cards
2.5 Economic growth
What is short run economic growth,
What are the causes of short run ...,
What is long run economic growth
26  cards
2.6 Macro economic objections
What are the main macro economic ...,
Whats fiscal policy,
What monetary policy
25  cards
4.1.1 Globalisation
What is globalisation,
Key benefit of globalisation,
What are the characteristics of g...
11  cards
4.1.2 Specialisation and trade
What s an absolute advantage,
What s a comparative advantage,
What are the assumption behind co...
5  cards
4.1.3 Pattern of trade
What is geographical pattern of t...,
What is the commodity pattern of ...,
What factors affect comparative c...
6  cards
4.1.4 Terms of trade
How do you calculate the terms of...,
Factors influencing terms of trade,
Impact of changes in a country s ...
3  cards
4.1.5 Trading blocks the world trade organisation
What are free trade areas,
What are custom unions,
What are common markets
9  cards
4.1.6 Restrictions on free trade
What are the main reasons for pro...,
What s dumping,
What are import tariffs
10  cards
4.1.7 Balance of payments
What is the balance of payments m...,
What is the current account,
What is the capital account
15  cards
4.1.8 Exchange rates
What is an exchange rate,
What are the main exchange rate s...,
What s a free floating currency
17  cards
4.1.9 International competitvness
What is competitiveness,
What is price competitiveness,
What is non price competitiveness
17  cards
4.2 Poverty and inequality
What is absolute poverty,
What is relative poverty,
Whats the goal for absolute poverty
16  cards
4.3 Emerging and developing economies
What is development,
What is economic growth,
What is economic development
69  cards
4.4 The financial sector
What is the foreign exchange market,
What is the financial market,
What are the key roles of financi...
10  cards
4.5 Role of the state on macroeconomy
Government spending in the uk,
What is capital spending,
How is government spending split
9  cards

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