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Quiz 1
Conceptual human and technical sk...,
Tommy believes his employees are ...,
By definition an organization is ...
30  cards
Quiz 2
_____ is a narrative based on tru...,
A high performance culture is bas...,
The _____ dimension of the genera...
20  cards
Quiz 3
The _____ is a single european cu...,
Go rving a us company built a sub...,
_____ refers to the degree to whi...
15  cards
Quiz 4
Primary stakeholders of an organi...,
The model for evaluating a compan...,
A situation that arises when all ...
25  cards
Quiz 5
_______ enables firms to cope wit...,
Which of these are true about con...,
Which of these are described by m...
30  cards
Quiz 6
When did it occur and how did it ...,
Examples of nonprogrammed decisio...,
When managers know which goals th...
50  cards
Quiz 7
_____ means that each employee is...,
Which of the following typically ...,
_____ means that decision authori...
40  cards
Quiz 8
Which of the following is a chang...,
Which of the following provides a...,
Which of the following means exte...
20  cards
Quiz 9
_____ refers to the activities un...,
Today more than ever strategic de...,
Recruiting and selecting employee...
15  cards
Quiz 10
Which of the following is defined...,
According to mbti assessment peop...,
Josh evaluates kandis performance...
25  cards
Quiz 11
_____ power is based in the abili...,
Which of these is the potential a...,
Referent power depends on the lea...
16  cards
Quiz 12
Which of the following are high l...,
A n _____ is an example of an int...,
Which of the following theories e...
40  cards
Quiz 13
Channel richness refers to the,
____ is defined as communication ...,
_____ refers to dialogue across b...
40  cards
Quiz 14
Which of the following is a stand...,
Jessica has just been appointed l...,
The _____ the team interacts the ...
20  cards
Quiz 15
Ophelia the new ceo at odyssey in...,
Zachary a manager at execucomp re...,
All of the following are key step...
20  cards

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