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Decks in this class (15)

Unit 1: Powers, decimals, HCF and LCM, positive and negative, roots, rounding, reciprocals, standard form, indices and surds
26  cards
Unit 2: Expressions, substituting into simple formulae, expanding and factorising, equations, sequences and inequalities, simple proof
56  cards
Unit 3: Averages and range, collecting data, representing data
55  cards
Unit 4: Fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion
79  cards
Unit 5: Angles, polygons, parallel lines; Right-angled triangles: Pythagoras and trigonometry
27  cards
Unit 6: Real-life and algebraic linear graphs, quadratic and cubic graphs, the equation of a circle, plus rates of change and area under graphs made from straight lines
56  cards
Unit 7: Perimeter, area and volume, plane shapes and prisms, circles, cylinders, spheres, cones; Accuracy and bounds
45  cards
UNIT 8: Transformations; Constructions: triangles, nets, plan and elevation, loci, scale drawings and bearings
34  cards
Unit 9: Algebra: Solving quadratic equations and inequalities, solving simultaneous equations algebraically
40  cards
Unit 10: Probability
33  cards
Unit 11: Multiplicative reasoning: direct and inverse proportion, relating to graph form for direct, compound measures, repeated proportional change
37  cards
Unit 12: Similarity and congruence in 2D and 3D
21  cards
Unit 13: Sine and cosine rules, 1/2absinc, trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem in 3D, trigonometric graphs, and accuracy and bounds.
27  cards
Unit 14: Statistics and sampling, cumulative frequency and histograms
19  cards
Formulas, Conversions and Things to Remember
What is the area for a parallelogram,
What is the formula for area for ...,
What is the formula for area of a...
60  cards

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