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What is one of the first symptoms...,
A 9 year old presents with a hist...,
Autosomal recessive presents in t...
71  cards
What is the common cause of conge...,
A short child presents with the f...,
A newborn is found to have a soli...
61  cards
Nephrology & Urology
A 12 year old presents with bed w...,
What is the most common genital p...,
Which antibody is commonly found ...
55  cards
A 16 year old boy presents with p...,
A newborn presents with an abdomi...,
You receive a phone call from a p...
44  cards
Common Pediatric Disorders
A 9 year old boy includes genital...,
What is the most common obsessive...,
A 7 year old boy presents with n ...
31  cards
A 1 month old presents with eryth...,
Name the disease n x linked n pat...,
A newborn presents with small whi...
38  cards
Emergency Medicine & Maltreatment Syndromes
Ingestion of what agent results i...,
Name 5 sexually transmitted infec...,
What eye finding do atropine anti...
43  cards
Pulmonary Medicine
A 17 year old african american gi...,
A 19 year old young man presents ...,
A 13 year old girl with known cys...
44  cards
Name the syndrome n affects child...,
What is the most common type of l...,
What is the philadelphia chromoso...
37  cards
Excessive hyperthermia from prolo...,
What is the definition of large f...,
What is one of the most frequent ...
60  cards
Growth And Development
After 9 months of dietary changes...,
What is the most common reason fo...,
At what age do most children firs...
48  cards
Metabolic Disorders
What skeletal defects are you mos...,
Lack of the phenylalanine hydroxy...,
A child is normal at birth by 2 y...
38  cards
Adolescent Medicine and Sexual Health
For which stis should sexually ac...,
A sexually active 17 year old gir...,
A 16 year old girl presents with ...
80  cards
Allergy & Immunology
What is the antibody found in sec...,
An 18 year old girl presents with...,
What is a good mnemonic for the m...
36  cards
A 7 year old presents with hypert...,
What syndrome is associated with ...,
What cardiac condition is associa...
46  cards
Why are solid foods typically int...,
Which vitamin is necessary for ma...,
What are some examples of indicat...
30  cards
Pharmacology and Pain Management
What does in utero exposure to vi...,
A patient presents with he had ju...,
What does in utero exposure to co...
31  cards
Ophthalmology and ENT
A 10 year old boy has confirmed g...,
A healthy 16 year old male compet...,
A healthy 3 year old girl with ty...
35  cards
A newborn presents with the follo...,
You diagnose a child with trisomy...,
What are the complications associ...
55  cards
Infectious Disease
A 9 year old presents with a hist...,
A mother develops chickenpox in t...,
A 4 year old boy presents with fe...
94  cards
Preventive Pediatrics
A child lives with an hiv infecte...,
A 4 year old boy with sickle cell...,
A 10 year old s permanent tooth i...
38  cards
Behavioral Medicine & Substance Abuse
A 3 year old girl is brought in b...,
Reports of anabolic steroid abuse...,
A 2 year old male with no prior h...
54  cards
Biostatistics, Ethics, Patient Safety, & Quality Improvement
The nurse manager noticed during ...,
What statistical parameter refers...,
What statistical measure helps de...
25  cards
Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine
Name 2 types of bone cysts and de...,
Name the differential diagnosis f...,
A 15 year old female presents to ...
47  cards
A caucasian female newborn presen...,
What is the treatment for juvenil...,
A 7 year old girl has the followi...
49  cards
A 3 year old boy presents in earl...,
What type of ana pattern is seen ...,
An 18 year old male presents with...
26  cards
Pediatric Board Review Questions
A 4 month old had a prolonged sei...,
Name the inheritance pattern the ...,
An lga baby is born after a diffi...
50  cards

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