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infusion therapy
Infusion therapy,
Use of infusion therapy,
46  cards
fluid and electrolyte balance
Older adult considerations skin,
Older adult considerations renal,
Older adult considerations muscular
35  cards
acid base balance
What is acid base balance,
Normal ph,
What does ph measure
29  cards
urinary problems
Stress incontinence,
Stress incontinence causes,
Stress incontinence symptoms
52  cards
acute & chronic kidney disease
Acute kidney injury,
Acute kidney injury serium creati...,
Acute kidney injury causes
51  cards
end of life care
Nurses impact on pt death,
Patient self determination act psda
33  cards
emergency and disaster preparedness
Type of disasters,
31  cards
concepts of care for pt. requiring oxygen therapy or tracheostomy
Oxygen therapy purpose,
57  cards
concepts of care for pt. with noninfectious lower respiratory problems
Asthma symoms,
Asthma history
47  cards
Ch.28 concepts of care for pt. with infectious respiratory problems
Seasonal influenza,
Seasonal flu rapid onset of,
Pandemic influenza
44  cards
chapter 29: care of pt. with respiratory emergencies
Pulmonary embolism pe,
What causes an embolism,
51  cards
47  cards
Care of Pt. with diabetes
39  cards
Care of Pt. with vascular problems
Aha recommendations for hypertension,
Jnc recommendationsfor hypertension
61  cards
care of pt. with stomach disorders
Gastritis patho,
Gastris health promotion and main...,
Acute gastritis
37  cards
care of pt. with noninflammatory intestinal disorders
Types of intestinal obstruction,
Mechanical obstruction,
Non mechanical obstruction
35  cards
care of pt. with inflammatory intestinal disorders
Complications of peritonitis,
Peritonitis patho,
Peritonitis history
53  cards
care of pt. with liver problems
Types of cirrhosis,
Complication of cirrhosis
35  cards
care of patients with problems of the biliary system
Acute cholecystitis symptoms,
Acute cholecystitis physical exam
36  cards
rheumatoid arthritis
Patho of ra,
Early signs of ra,
Late s s of ra
26  cards
Osteopenic changes,
Generalized osteoporosis,
Regional osteoporosis
23  cards
Patho of a fracture,
Complete fracture,
Incomplete fracture
29  cards
Patho of osteomyelitis,
3 different categoris of osteomye...,
21  cards
Osteoarthiris patho,
20  cards
Final Exam
Generalized osteoporosisprimaryse...,
Regional osteoporosis,
Modifiable risk factors for osteo...
222  cards

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