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Exam #1 Study Review Week 1
Informed consent what is your rol...,
General anesthesia,
Local anesthesia
41  cards
Quiz #2 Respiratory
Copd diagnosis,
Copd client education,
37  cards
Quiz #3 Cardiac
What to do for epistaxis,
What is heart healthy diet,
Teachings on hydrochlorothiazide
36  cards
Midterm Week 5
Hydrochlorothizide nursing instru...,
Hydrochlorothizide client education,
Hyperkalemia with hypertension
69  cards
Midterm Practice Questions
A nurse is reinforcing teaching f...,
A nurse is caring for a client wh...,
A nurse is assessing a client who...
72  cards
Quiz #4 Skeletal System
A health care professional is car...,
Adverse effects of calcium,
A nurse is teaching an older adul...
50  cards
Quiz #5 Neurological System
Clinical manifestations of stroke,
Seizure precautions what to have ...,
A nurse enters a client s room an...
52  cards
Quiz #6 Gastrointestinal System
Histamine receptor antagonists h2rbs,
H2rbs indication,
45  cards
Quiz #6 Rationales
The nurse is planning to teach a ...,
New prescription for esomeprazole...,
A client is prescribed lansoprazo...
30  cards
Quiz #7 Lower GI
Chronic cholecystitis,
Laparoscopic cholycystectomy,
Suspected cholecystitis color of ...
20  cards
Quiz #7 Questions
A nurse is caring for a client wh...,
A nurse is preparing dietary inst...,
A nurse is providing discharge te...
30  cards
Final Exam
Informed consent,
A nurse is caring for a client wh...,
Acute appendicitis signs of perfo...
3  cards

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