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Key Definitions
Horizontal integration,
Vertical integration,
22  cards
Semiotics roland barthes,
Narratology tzvetan todorov,
Genre theory steve neale
19  cards
Late Night Woman's Hour -C1
When was the bbc founded,
How is the bbc funded,
What are the bbcs values
28  cards
Tide - C1
Who owns tide,
When was the product first launched,
Was the product successful
31  cards
Kiss of the Vampire -C1
Who produced kotv,
Who distributed kotv,
What was kotv intended to be
14  cards
Water Aid - C1
When was water aid established,
Who is the protagonist of the advert,
Who created the advert
23  cards
Riptide - C1
Singer of riptide,
Year it was released,
Directors of the music video
20  cards
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - C1
When was the game released,
Who was the game produced by,
On what console was the game rele...
23  cards
Formation - C1
Who sings formation,
The song was a lead single for wh...,
When was the single released
20  cards
Dream - C1
Who is the singer of dream,
What awards has dizzee rascal won,
When was dream released
18  cards
I, Daniel Blake - C1
When was i daniel blake released,
Who directed i daniel blake,
What certificate is i daniel blake
23  cards
Straight Outta Compton - C1
Who directed straight outta compton,
Who produced straight outta compton,
Who distributed straight outta co...
36  cards
The Daily Mirror - American Election - C1
When was the set edition published,
When was the daily mirror founded,
Who owns the daily mirror
30  cards
The Daily Mirror - Prince Philip - C1
What date was the set edition pub...,
How much does the issue cost,
What tv show is advertised on the...
31  cards
The Times - American Election - C1
When was the times first published,
Who owns the times,
When was the set text edition pub...
18  cards
The Times - Prince Phillip Crash - C1
When was the times founded,
Who owns the times,
When was the set text edition pub...
17  cards
Woman - C2
When is the magazine published,
Who is it owned by,
When was it first published
32  cards
Adbusters C2
Who founded adbusters,
When was adbusters founded,
What is adbusters and its aims
26  cards
Humans C2
Who produced humans,
On what channels was it shown,
What is channel 4
28  cards
The Returned C2
Who was the series produced by,
When and where was it aired,
What is channel 4
30  cards
Zoella C2
How does zoella distribute her vi...,
How have recent technological cha...,
How has zoella used synergy
26  cards
Attitude C2
Who produces attitude,
When was attitude first released,
Who is the editor
16  cards

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