microbiology and immunology

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Viral Pathogens: Classification, Biology, Disease 1
How are viruses classified,
List the possible structure of vi...,
What is the central dogma of vira...
25  cards
Viral Pathogens: Classification, Biology, Disease 2
What is the typical course of hiv...,
Why is immunodeficiency advantage...,
How can hiv directly promote t ce...
9  cards
What is a parasite,
What are three main classes of pa...,
What is protozoa
25  cards
Pathogenesis And Parasitic Infections
Describe the pathogenesis of cuta...,
What are the three main species o...,
What is schistosomiasis
18  cards
Mechanisms Of Viral Infections And Pathogenesis
Why do most viruses not infect us,
Describe the general patterns of ...,
What are acute infections
16  cards
Diagnosis Of Viral Infections
What are possible tests to diagno...,
What occurs during virus isolatio...,
What specimens can be used for an...
28  cards
Systems For Detection Of Pathogenesis 1
What is a commensal non pathogen,
What is a zoonotic non pathogen,
What is a commensal opportunist p...
13  cards
Systems For Detection Of Pathogenesis 2
What is molecular gene targeting,
What is quantitative pcr,
Which genes are suitable targets
20  cards
Mechanism Of Action Of Antivirals
Why do we need anti viral drugs,
What are some examples of current...,
How do we inhibit viral replicati...
29  cards
What are antibiotics,
What are the key principles of an...,
Why is selective toxicity import ...
21  cards
Antibiotic Resistence
Why is antibiotic resistance a gl...,
What is superbugzilla,
What are the main mechanisms of a...
15  cards
Molecular And Genomic Epidemiology Of Infection
What is molecular epidemiology,
How can molecular epidemiology co...,
How can molecular epidemiology be...
22  cards
Review Of The Innate Immune System
Why do we need a innate immune re...,
What is innate immunity,
What are pathogen associated mole...
22  cards
T Cell Development, Generationnof Receptor Diversity
Describe the stages in lymphocyte...,
What are the key factors in lymph...,
Describe the journey of t cells t...
25  cards
T Cell Defelopment, Reeptor Repertoire Selection And CD4/CD8 Lineage Commitment
Describe the journey of t cell ma...,
Describe the structure of the thymus,
What parts of the thymus are diff...
21  cards
T Cell Activation And Generation Of Effector T Cells
Where are naive t cells activated,
Describe what occurs to naive t c...,
What types of cells activate naiv...
29  cards
Overview Of Adaptive Immunity
Why do we have an adaptive immune...,
How do we recognise pathogens,
What is the problems with predict...
25  cards
Humoral Immunity: Antibodies And The Life Cycle Of B Cells
What is the basic structure of a ...,
What are the four classes of heav...,
What are the two domains of the l...
50  cards
AntibacteriL Responses
What are some examples of pathoge...,
What are the features of a bacter...,
What are some general features of...
16  cards
Microbial Immune Envasion Mechanisms
What are the two factors that det...,
What are the function o virulence...,
What aspects of immunity have pat...
20  cards
Natural Born Killers: NK Cells And CD8+ T Lymphocytes
What is the origin of natural kil...,
What is the role cytotoxic lympho...,
What are natural killer cells and...
34  cards
Anti Tumour Immunity And Immunotherapy For Cancer
How are cancer cells different fr...,
How does the immune system ply a ...,
Can the body defend against cancer
37  cards
Transplantation And Immunosupressive Drugs
What are the two types of donor r...,
What is histocompatibility,
What is the importance of epitope...
29  cards
What are immunodeficiency s,
What are primary congenital immun...,
What are secondary immunodeficien...
35  cards
Scientific Basis Of Vaccines
What is a prophylactic vaccine,
What is the function of mhc class...,
What scientific concepts came fro...
23  cards
Vacines - Bacterial And Viral
What is neisseria meningitids,
What are the 2 current menc vacci...,
Why is it difficult to develop a ...
28  cards
Immunology In The Clinic And Research Lab
What are the two regions of a ant...,
How is a polyclonal antibody prod...,
How is a monoclonal antibody mde
32  cards
Allergy And The Mechanisms Of Hypersentivity
What is hyposensatvity,
What are the four type of hyperse...,
What occurs in type 1 hypersensit...
45  cards
What are two examples of organ sp...,
What is systemic lupus erythremat...,
What is auto immunity
32  cards

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