Microbiology Exam 3

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Decks in this class (11)

Lecture 20
Disease Production-Transmission
20  cards
Lecture 21
Portals of Entry and Incubation
22  cards
Lecture 22
Virulence, symptoms, and portals of exit
61  cards
Lecture 23
Defense mechanisms against disease part 1
20  cards
Lecture 24
Defense mechanisms against disease II
39  cards
Lecture 25
actinobacteria 1: Mycobacteria
36  cards
Lecture 26
11  cards
Lecture 27
firmicutes: staphylococcosis (aureus)
18  cards
Lecture 28
25  cards
Lecture 29
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
27  cards
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
24  cards

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Microbiology Exam 3

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